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Should I be eating when i'm not hungry?

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So, i'm supposed to have my meals like this:

Breakfast- 500

Lunch- 550-600


Dinner- 600 

Snack- 400

So it all adds up to 2500 (i exercise 5X a week, 30 minutes of free weights, 40 minutes of cardio, one of those 5 days is zumba usually. I'm also a teen, 5,4' 112-114 Ilb). 

Anyway, during the school week, i'm usually fine with this, however, there are times where i'm really not hungry for anything after dinner. I eat it anyway, and it's not like i'm forcing myself to eat it; i enjoy it, and i'm not stuffed. But, i'm just not starving for it. 

During the weekend, this happens too, with my other snack. Today, I was going to have a luna bar, apple, and yogurt as my snack, but instead, I had the yogurt with my lunch (i was shakey after the gym, and i was hungry too), and I just had the apple for my snack (the apple I was getting hungry for). The luna bar, again, wouldn't make me stuffed, and it'd be nice to eat it, but i'm not super hungry for it. 

I maintained my weight eating about 2400-2600 calories for a month, with my exercise, and eating the 400 calorie snacks (sometimes more in the afternoon, cause I can get very hungry at my afternoon snack time). I maintained my weight eating them, but a lot of the time, I wasn't particularly hungry for them. I didn't binge, or make myself sick, I ate them, and then, I felt just about the same, maybe more full as opposed to satisfied, but not sick feeling. 


So, should i be eating when i'm not hungry to maintain?

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Why should you eat if you're not hungry? As long as you hit your target calories for most days of the week, you will be fine. 

Well if this is the MP you've been given then follow it abd make less bulky choices so the calories are still eaten without being stuffed.

thank you guys so much!

It's weird though. Some weeks, i'm ravenous, and other weeks, I just don't have an appetite. Most of the time, I won't get stuffed; i'll just be satisfied, and not feel like i NEED to eat more. Just like I want to, y'know? lol, it's all so confusing, but thanks so much for the answers!

srry, double post

I completely get it. your primary concern needs to be your mental AND physical health--that means banishing thoughts of restricting. so if you're not hungry then your choices need to take that into account--eating loads of fat (olive oil, cheese, nuts, seeds, hummus, pb, etc) will help.

I wish you the best of luck!

very true now that you bring it up; i tend to eat the most filling foods I can, because it's what fills me up on days i'm ravenous. Thanks so much!! Also, i'm sorry but i need some reassurance; after a workout, even if i'm not hungry (not stuffed feeling, but just not hungry), should I still have a post workout snack? I know you've answered this already for me, but i just kind of need reassurance on a solid example >.< 

I'll be sure to stock up on cheese again, and my PB however :)

Yes--it's non negotiable. Stock up on larabars, lunas, clif bars, and kind bars--then you don't have to think about it.

Definitely minimize your reliance on super filling foods as it only compromises your progress.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! i'm running out actually, so i'll stock up next time I go to trader joe's lol. Thanks so much again!!! :D

Yor welcome hun. If you're ever struggling dont hesitate to contact me :)
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Hi, just a small question: I was wondering whether you take into account the calories you burn and eat ontop of that too? Or do you just eat 2500 calories and forget about the amount you burnt in the first place?
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Hi, just a small question: I was wondering whether you take into account the calories you burn and eat ontop of that too? Or do you just eat 2500 calories and forget about the amount you burnt in the first place?

I was told by my doctor and nutritionist to eat the amount they told me to eat the same each day, whether I exercised or not (for recovery on my off days and stuff like that). I'm actually hungrier on my off days at times, so yeah :/ Also, they've told me at one point to eat like 2800, but 2500-2700 is the range they told me to stick with pretty much (they weren't super clear because I used to get very hung up on calories and #'s. I also went on that website choosemyplate and it said i could eat 2800, but I've been eating 2500-2600 mostly. 

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Oh ok, so no matter how much exercise you'd do.. You always eat 2500 calories regardless of whether the workout you did burnt 600kcal for example?

yupp, lol

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