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i didn't eat anything all day, is it okay if...?

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If i didn't eat all day, is it okay if...? i didn't eat anything today. except for breakfast which was oatmeal and a plum. and i only had a drink of coffee (i would estimate it to be around 200 cals?)
and tonight were eating out, is it okay if i eat most of my calories tonight, so i consume my daily caloric needs(1200)? even though im not that hungry
or is it better if i just eat a normal meal and stop when im full?
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You'll probably feel bloated either way. If you try eating and making up for all your calories in one meal, you're going to make yourself sick.

I'd eat until your satisfied, unless you like feeling bloated and crampy all night.

Considering you probably don't want to feel that way, I'd say eat a well balanced meal tonight (at dinner out) then maybe 1-2 hours later have a lighter, more low cal snack. Maybe some popcorn? Or yogurt and fruit?

Make sure tomorrow you stick with your plan and eat throughout the day.

Some people do this on purpose, it's call intermittent fasting (IF). It's fine if you eat a lot of calories for dinner, it's more important what you eat. 1200 calories of pasta - not so good. 1200 calories of protein, fats and veggies - good choice. Also, I wouldn't recommend counting your calories for dinner (except maybe way later tonight) and just eat what feels good and appropriate.




basically if i want to eat outside id fast the whole day and eat my days maintenance calories at the restaurant .

ive heard people doing it. o_O 

am considering cos id like to able to eat outside and still be within my daily maintenance calories

don't know how that's gonna affect my health .....

Partially did that yesterday because I went to a vegetarian buffet yesterday and I ate too much... my stomach was full all day and I was in pain for about an hour. I only had a small bag of popcorn at like 9 although I wasn't hungry... I would just say don't count the calories, just eat until you get full or something.

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