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condemned to starvation for a nice body?

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So this is basically what nizzthizz post was about and what I wrote there but since I struggle with a similar problem I thought I'd bring it up in a seperate post...

I was at a stable weight of 104lbs for some time (5'1) and then I didn't weigh myself for three weeks and whoops - 108lbs (105 now, but I ate less the past few days...)! I is a normal and healthy thing that weight fluctuate but then it was just a shock for me because I had even been eating under my recommended daily calorie intake, exercised healthily and only been eating healthy foods in a moderate manner...(I can't eat sweets or other 'junk' food yet and eat almost only unrefined carbs, healthy protein, healthy oils, hardly ever any meat etc).

Several people (including doctors and dieticians) had told me that I was a naturally slim metabolism I suppose must still be a bit high from my weight gain I didn't understand at all why I had put on weight?? Muscles? No way....;)

And then there is this thing about my weird (and rather rare I think) 'problem zone': my permanent 'love handles'.

Even when I was sickly thin I still looked 'quite normal' in that area(while my legs&arms looked like toothpicks haha;D)...It's weird with my body...I have very toned legs (even when I don't do exercise), there certainly is a waist definition (not that defined however) but I have this problem beneath my waist at the handles, I think you call it...and I find it looks really weird with my boyish legs (no real hips) :/ And it can't be helped by exercise....I tried;(

I thought my body would be different when I got up to my healthy weight, that I wouldn't becom so 'fat' again in that area, but I did...even though I didn't eat too much, and I always thought one would only get 'problem zones' if one eats too much...

So I'm pretty confused and think I can't even eat moderate and healthy - let alone have a pice of cake every now and then ;(  I haven't even started eating 'normal' and I wanted to have a healthy relationship with all foods so badly...

Now I'm undereating again which is bad and I'm sure this won't do me much good longterm, however, I'm just so trapped in my thinking and fears...I really want a nice body but be able to eat normal...My eating or exercise habits can't become any healthier except that maybe I should have a piece of cake or chocolate every now and then:P - at least that's my understanding of normal, healthy eating;)

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My opinions, based on the reading I have done and the health/fitness experts which whom I have discussed fitness and healthy eating are these:

  1. We must be willing to do the research to determine how many calories we should be consuming for our age, height, weight, and activity level.
  2. We should include intelligent exercising in our weekly regimen, a combination, if possible, of both cardio and strength-training.
  3. We must have patience; we can get a fit, healthy body if we eat healthy and exercise intelligently, although it takes time and adherence to a consistent program of healthy living.
  4. All of us can have our cake and eat it, too.  Calories in and calories out.  If our "bottom line" calorie figure, for example, is 2500 (2000 BMR/EE + 500 calories burned exercising) for maintenance, then we can have a piece of cake or some chocolate or some ice cream, etc. -- we just need to stay within our calorie maintenance allotment.
  5. Having a "nice body" is a worthwhile goal, IF we don't try to get a body that genetics did not allow for.  That is, we can be fit and healthy, but we should not make ourselves unhealthy just to get slimmer bodies.

Very best of luck!  You can be fit, healthy, and proud of your body.  There are many Boards on Calorie Count where people have the same struggles that you do.  And they can help you as you work toward being both fit and healthy.  There are many Boards on CC where people will offer suggestions and give encouragement.

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I have been at my "correct" body weight for about 8 years now, after being a little bit over for most of my life (I'm in my late 40s), then having my weight creep up a bit.  I lost about 20 lbs and have kept it off.

For my entire life, though, I've had disproportionatly big thighs and calves.  My hipts are a bit larger than average.  My waist has always been narrower than normal.  And my bust, we won't even discuss that area; significantly smaller than ideal, or even average.

Yes, I would like a more ideal body, especially since I have a very hard time finding clothes that fit (I'm also short, 5'2"), due to the big legs and small waist.  BUT I tell myself that I have the best body for me, and the most important thing is to have a healthy body and lifestyle.  (And if I go up a couple of pounds, you can guess where all that weight goes - to my thighs!)

It sounds like you're working toward a healthy body and healthy eating habits.  So what if one part of your body isn't ideal - your body as a whole is healthy.

And yes, a healthy eating lifestyle includes sweets and other not-so-nutritious foods  once in a while, in moderation.

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