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I can't stop eating candy!!

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I don't know what it is but for about a month now, I can't go a day without having candy.  And, it is not just one or two pieces.  I eat around 500 calories worth of candy each day. Is it that my body is craving sugar?  Could I have low blood sugar?  Or, did I just deprive myself of it for so long that once I started I can't put it down.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I have gained a lb or two since starting maintenance a few months ago and I don't want to gain anymore.  I can quit buying candy to eat at home.  But, my boss has me buy candy for the office. I was able to not eat it for a year or so without any problem.  But now, I can't stop.  Ugh!!!! Where has my willpower gone?
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When I worked at Golden Corral in the Bakery, I noticed that I got extreme cravings ALL THE TIME... Being around food that you love and not being able to eat it is torture...

So, to fix the problem... I would set aside a small slice of pie or 2 cookies or whatever it was that I was craving... And I wouldn't touch it all night...

The only reason I wanted to stuff my face is because I knew that when I got off work, I wouldn't have the delicious dessert bar to eat things from... So by setting aside something small for myself to eat later, I didn't feel obligated to stuff my face with everything in site... A small treat is much better than the entire dessert bar...

My advice, put a couple pieces of candy in your purse to take home with you, but don't eat them at work because it'll only make you want more... Take them home with you to eat after work... Allot yourself 100-200 calories to indulge in candy... This way you won't feel like you can't ever have candy and you also don't end up overindulging on 500 cals a day...
YEP, starburst jellybeans or black licorice. Buy cand you do not like for the office. I do and it helps!
I just got off the candy.  After Halloween, then Christmas, Valentines and Easter...I finally said enough.  I had to give it up last week cold turkey!  I'm on day 9 with no candy, it has gotten easier each day.  I heard once if you can break the habit you won't crave it anymore. 
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I have the same problem at my work.  I got to where I was REALLY craving sweets in the afternoon around 2:00, but after I ate the candy I'd feel dehydrated and miserable.  What I do now is bring oranges to work to eat at that time.  I get the sweet fix, and don't feel dehydrated.
I agree with hybrids05 that you should set aside some 'reward' candy to eat after you make it through the day not eating any of it.  Chocolate always does taste better when you've earned it!
Hybrids05 thank you!!! I have a co-worker who keeps a huge basket stocked with my favorites and I can't seem to stay away! I will try the after work treat idea after leaving the office. Once I eat  one I am back at the basket all afternoon. Funny, around 2 is my time too. What helped in the past is to have some sort of protein at that time, also the flavored water helps with the sugar cravings.
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