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does anyone else get CRAZY water weight fluctuation?

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I'm in the maintenance stage, and have been maintaining my new weight since November more or less. Sometimes, though, like any other normal person I overeat. I don't beat myself up much about it cause I don't let it become a habit, but even a day puts on 5+ lbs for me. It's disheartening. For instance I went to my mom's house weighing 114 and came home later after eating nonstop 4/5 of the days, and weighed 133. Twenty pounds? And now, five days into normal eating, I have dropped back to 119. My clothes never fit any differently and I looked the same. What even is this? Why does my weight fluctuate so much? I am guilty of taking in lots and lots of liquids--in the evening, pots and pots of tea, but this is to keep me hydrated on top of water to keep the water weight OFF. Am I just not able to handle overeat like anyone else? Or do others get these fluctuations, too?

Like 20lb? And I've gone up so far as 12lb in two days before. Ugh. Part of me wants to see if I can get to 200 pounds in a week if my body is going to be so melodramatic, haha.

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I fluctuate by 4-6 pounds overnight sometimes.

If your clothes fit abd this ALWAYS happens then take it with a grain of salt. I know it used to bother me much more than it does now. My weight is crazy sometimes for no real reason and I've just chalked it up to being normal for me.


About 4-6 times a year, either at family reunions, the winter holiday season, visiting the children who live a long ways off, etc, I gain usually 8-12 pounds. 

I have found that the following is true for me, and perhaps it is true for you:

  1. some of my weight gain IS real -- it stands to reason if I ate 17,500 (or however many) calories over maintenance for the time period, then I would have gained 5 pounds.
  2. some of the weight, though, is bulk.  Sometimes it takes 2-4 days for the body to remove all that extra bulk which could weigh as much as 6 pounds.
  3. some of it is water weight since I drink a lot beer and coffee during that time.

I have found that it takes about a week to get back to normal, and the weight gain is never as bad as it initially seems.

Good luck!

My weight fluctuates between 107 and 118 depending on where and when I weigh myself. I never notice any physical signs of water retention (puffiness, bloating, clothes fitting snugly, etc), but I have noticed when I eat salty snacks I can expect my weight to go up for a few days. Most days I weigh between 110 and 112. The most frequent/average reading is 110, so that's the number I go with. I never understand people who freak out about gaining a pound - is their weight just normally freakishly stable? Do they seriously weigh exactly the same number every day? That doesn't even seem possible to me. 

Though it's never as extreme for me, my weight fluctuates like crazy. Like 2 weeks ago when I spent the weekend at my Grandma's house, I did probably eat like 300 calories less than I normally did(since I was sick with no appetite and there wasn't much to eat there anyway), but 2 days later when I got home I found that I went from 138 lbs to 133 lbs. 5 lbs over 1 weekend!!! But during the next week, it went back up to 136 lbs. Now, however, I'm back at around 133-134.

And the weird thing is, I weighed 138 lbs for like 3 weeks before I lost it over that weekend. Who knew water weight could stay with you for that long! And a lot of times after I eat meals, even if it's not that big of one, I'll gain like a whole pound. Yet, it all goes away within a few hours. It's so weird 0.o  That's why I try not to trust the scale anymore, and just go by how I feel

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