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Anybody want to join me as a healthy eating buddies?

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I've come back to the site after leaving after becoming very very obsessed with weight and calorie counting, but I feel as though I can come back with a stronger and healthier frame of mind! But since leaving I have thrown all my healthy eating habits out of the window, and would love to have some people to share this new road of healthy eating and trying to maintain my weight. I would love to find some people where we can all support each other in staying healthy, since I am a sucker for all things sweet and need someone to slap my wrists every now and then!

It would also be great if I could find someone with similar stats! I'm 21, 5'3 and 106lbs. I find it hard to know portion sizes, amounts of food to eat and how many calories I should be eating a day when I live with a 'i can eat anything and not gain a pound' boyfriend and have very tall, large framed friends!

I'm really excited to start this journey and hope some of you guys want to join me!


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hello! I'm in! I'm a little taller and heavier, but essentially quite similar. :3 I'm 21, 5'6" and 117lbs. I'm on weight loss right now, but will be moving on to maintenance over the next few weeks. My main concerns are keeping healthy (in terms of diet and fitness), and sweetness is also a huge weakness of mine! I know what you mean about being too obsessed with calorie counting though. I think that's happening to me, and I'm considering sticking around the site but not counting calories once I'm comfortably maintaining! Heh.

I'm back on the forums but I don't log my calories anymore, that is what messed my head up a bit! I like the forums for the useful tips and support. I think when trying to maintain counting calories isn't totally necessary and just keeping a rough idea in your head will keep you on track. I always try to remind myself of the millions and millions of other people in the world all managing to maintain their weight without counting a single calorie! I just need to remember to use my common sense hehe x.


Anyone else coming to join? x

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ooh me me i'll join! :D

i'm 23, 5'1", and 107-ish at the moment (i had a bit of a binge the past few days :X


my goal is to get down to 100 and maintain! and, alas, my damn sweet tooth is making things difficult indeed.

i'm also a vegetarian, but i eat seafood too. so, technically a pescetarian (sp?) is the correct term, i think.


i also run like a crazy woman, am quite a little yogini :)   and try to bicycle everywhere *due to outrageous gas prices and the fact that its a fun way to get in some physical activity.

I'll join! :)

I'm 22, 5'4 and around 110-115. I'm trying to maintain and am still counting. I'm not sure how I'm going to stop counting. I'm still confused how many calories I can have when I don't exercise. Ususally I'll run just so I can eat more! <3

(: I haven't been counting for a day, and i feel absolutely strange. (i obsess though, and it didn't help that i celebrated three different bitrhdays today (three birthday cakes since 12 midnight this morning!) >"<

oh! I'm also pescetarian! though i've been thinking of cutting out eggs and dairy products from my diet recently... (i've a thing against cruelty to animals... which is counterbalanced by (social) difficulties in not eating meat or using products with animal parts in them...)

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Original Post by jvs15:

I'll join! :)

I'm 22, 5'4 and around 110-115. I'm trying to maintain and am still counting. I'm not sure how I'm going to stop counting. I'm still confused how many calories I can have when I don't exercise. Ususally I'll run just so I can eat more! <3

haha i hear you girl! running everyday is cheap therapy in and of itself, anyway.. :P

hey there ladies! the name is AMANDA
may I join?! ha ha
I guess I'm slightly diff. than most of you in that I am younger (20yrs) i am 5 ft. 1 1/2 inches tall! YES! that half inch counts!! HA HA :)
......and I am actually hovering around 93 lbs...I am asking to join mainly for your POSITIVE SUPPORT! I have been RECOVERING from anorexia and am up to 93 lbs. from my lowest being 82 lbs. last December. I am not necessarily trying to gain-----b/c for about 3 months I tried to gain HARD-CORE and got to around 100 lbs and REALLY freaked myself out..REALLY bad and it made me revert once again- I am basically trying to over-come my own THOUGHTS...does that makes sense?
      we are beautiful ladies---no matter how CURVILISCIOUS we may be :)
       &nb sp;           I would LOVE your support to have HEALTHY ideals...HEALTHY
       &nb sp;              eating habits---and HEALTHY thoughts on my weight and body!
      I also love good tips---good recipes----and NEW FOOD FINDS :)
(for example my recent LOVE of tofu shirataki noodles) ---grin :)
and my CRAZE for frozen bananas :)
       &nb sp;           CAN'T WAIT to hear from you all on this thread!

p.s.---I am ALSO a pescetarian----

I've been wanting to try those noodles! Where do you get them?

mmm yep i dunno what i would do without seafood :)


...correct me if i'm wrong, but i think any natural/organic/health foods store would have the shirataki noodles - i haven't tried them yet, but they sound delish :)

wow we're all so similar it's so nice to find a bunch of people with the same frame of mind :)

I've said I'm vegetarian but am pescetarian, It's nice to know other people that know what it means lol!

I'm starting fresh this week. I used to eat no dairy, eggs or wheat but started eating them again when started eating properly again after restricting for so long, but since doing that I've started eating so badly! So much bread and cheese! So I'm going to cut right back on them again, I've heard how good people feel when cutting dairy and wheat out of their diet.

How's everyone's healthy lifestyles coming along? I'm planning on making a bean casserole for dinner tonight! It's my speciality! Also starting a new exercise schedule, no exercise for a couple of months has left me majorly lazy!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! x

this weekend was quite fun, actually. i just recently moved back to the town i went to high school in, and ventured out saturday night to see a bunch of buddies who are in a local reggae/jam band - some of them didn't even recognize me! granted it's been about 5 years since i've been back and seen them.. it was fun to get out though :)

i had a yummy morningstar tomato basil patty and some salad for din last night, and those delish multigrain english muffin (only 100 cals!) toasted with pb for breakfast, along with el cafe! mmm do i love my coffee haha


buenos dias to all - hope the week starts nicely for everyone

cool! i've been trying to find those (for me, very elusive) shirataki noodles, but haven't succeed yet! I love soba though... and fruits+vegetables. I filled half my plate with broccoli and carrots when i was a birthday party last night, and all my friends though i was insane... but it was just so yummilicious i had to get seconds! xD

I'm trying to learn how to make good (and nutritious) soups though... so that i can have them for lunch together with pasta/rice/bread! (:


I love soup! I've been loving this low-sodium butternut squash soup from Trader Joe's but I also want to start making some of my own too.

Last night for dinner my sister and I had a mountain of broccoli with marinara sauce, with one big turkey meatball from Trader Joe's, and garlic indian bread. sooo good! We could seriously eat this every night. It's fun living with my sister because we have the same diet. :)

..what is trader joe's? some sort of organic/health food brand?

It is a healthy/organic grocery store. I'm a big fan of a lot of their "Trader Joe" products. :)

oh nice - where they predominately located? somewhere up north-ish i'm guessing..?

I know there are a bunch in CA but I'm not sure where else.

broccoli is lovely. spinach and cabbages too! (I'm a recent convert to salads based with these veges cause i read somewhere that they're are much healthier than plain ol' lettuce (lettuce is great, but these contain more fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals)

what are some of your 'healthier' indulgences? I love cakes, pastries etc., but i never know what's healthy and what's not, so i still tend to avoid them like the plague (except on birthdays...)

Have you guys ever had ALMOND BREEZE?
I usually drink 8th contintent light vanilla soy milk (my fav. is with cheerios and SLICED frozen bananas) OH MY TO DIE FOR?
anyway--i heard vanilla almond breeze is good? any words?

I ECHO your thoughts on eating SALADS doedoebird------*great name by the way HA HA
I have a huge mixed green salad EVERY day---I get baby tomatoes,...cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, red onion, red beets, sliced fresh mushrooms and shrimp on it!--Then I squeeze a fresh orange over the top---and drizzle balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with sea salt/fresh ground pepper. DEEELISSH! and you're SO right about all the veggies having MORE vitamins/minerals!!! lettuce is just a lot of WATER really! got to LOAD it up with GOOD STUFF!!

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