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addicted to calorie counting?

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it's weird, i feel really strange bec i am constantly thinking about the number of calories i consume and what not and what is better and what is less calories and what amount something is ALL THE TIME!! and now that i'm trying to maintain rather than lose i feel like i am addicted and funny. i feel guilty eating more than i did when i was dieting. i feel like it's a problem. does anyone else feel this way or have any suggestions? is this a problem?
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Hi Peaches.

I feel the same way!  I'm assuming that the more accustomed I get to this healthy lifestyle, ie: portion sizes, better snack choices, the "OCD" will fade.  But I do have to admit, it's exhausting.


Part of my problem is all the positive feedback regarding my 45 lbs weight loss.  It petrifies me to gain back what I worked so hard to lose.  And the GUILT!!!!  Don't even get me's absurd.  I am really hard on myself.   In which produces the "denial of food=desire of food" issue.  My cravings are worse now then ever before.

i totally agree with peaches and heatherhm3, i am always counting everything i eat even though i am at the stage where i am maintaining.  like heatherhm3, i fear gaining the weight back and i want to keep it all in check.

it's horrible but comforting at the same time....

I have maintained a 50 pound weight loss for the past 4 years and I still count calories on a daily basis.  That, along with portion control and exercise, are what has made mine such a "success story" (for lack of a better phrase).  Yes, to some it seems like OCD, but for me it's simply part of the life style change I made.  Think about it: if I went back to just wantonly eating as much as I did before, the weight would undoubtedly come back!  So, I count my calories and that is that!Laughing

Personally I dont think counting calories is wrong.  For me, its some of the negative feelings I get when I go over or eat something 'bad'.  I wish I could go without the guilt.

I agree though that calorie counting, along with exercise and weigh ins, is what helped me keep my weight constant for the past year and a half.  :)

I really love your outlook on CC and the "healthy lifestyle" attitude, joyrae!  It is exactly how I feel although something that many people do not understand.  I really do not deny myself, I am just extremely conscience of my food choices and the portion sizes.  In addition, my running 3x per week has introduced me to a hobby that I truly LOVE.  So, besides being in the best shape of my 33 years and feeling GREAT, I love the control I have over my life.  I DO NOT want to gain back 45 lbs and the only way that I will be able to maintain this is to CC and MOVE my body!  People look at me so accusatory when they ask me how I "did it"....when I tell them "good old fashioned diet and exercise", you can tell they just don't believe it.  Everyone wants the simple easy "secret"......well, we've found it and it's they only true way.  Addiction or not, it's free, it's healthy and there are certainly MUCH WORSE addictions to have.

Today is my 5 month anniversary of keeping my weight off.  I believe that the reason I have been finally successful is making sure that I keep track of the food I eat and recording my exercise.   Logging keeps me honest.  I have created several food groupings using tags the lets me quickly log my breakfasts and lunches. I plan to keep logging  for the near future as I am enjoying the benefits of maintenance.   Why change a good thing.  



I am the same way, I wouldn't worry about it, there's nothing wrong with caring about what goes into your body. If I go out to eat at a restaurtant, I always look up the menu online and decide what I am going to eat before I even get there. A lot of restaurants also have the Weight Watcher meals. Although I am not on Weight Watchers, I usually go for those. And I count and add up my calories each day, I have been for almost a year now.

I'm pretty much aware of all the caloric counts in all my foods I eat.

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I'm exactly like alaskanmama.  I've maintained over 50 pound weight loss for almost 2 years and I do it by still calorie counting.  It's second nature to me now, so it isn't a bother.  I'll always be OCD about food so at least now I'm at a healthy weight. 

It actually serves to make me LESS guilty about eating bad things because if I can fit bad things under my calorie limit then I don't feel one bit guilty about eating them!!!!
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I feel the same way, i'm also always couting everything I eat ..

But I don't really think it's a bad thing, I don't feel guilty because even when I eat something i'm not supposed to eat like for lunch, I calculate and I eat fewer or healthier at night ... and I can do that only because I know how many calories I've been eating ..

It shouldn't become an obsession but don't think at it as a problem but more like as a new life style that'll help you maintain easily !

I'm not sure if you're at this point (and I really hope you're not!) but last year I became beyond obsessed with counting. I started off just wanting to lose 5-6 lbs, and I had no intentions of starving myself. But I was SO hooked on counting and staying "in control" that I ended up losing 26 lbs instead. I was 5'3 and weight 99- 101 lbs. It didn't matter that my clothes were so baggy, or that my wrists disgusted me. I had trouble sleeping at night because I couldn't bare to feel all the bones sticking out. Everyone I knew told me I looked like a rail, but I didn't listen. My fingers nails turned dark blue, I lost my period, I was too tired go anywhere, couldn't wake up in the mornings. My grades went down in school (and I was ALWAYS a perfectionist in terms of getting straight A's.) I'd spit out my food and lied to everyone about eating more. And just a bunch of other crap.

My main point is- please don't let yourself get to this point. If you've already reached a healthy goal weight, just focus on maintaining that. But don't make yourself so paranoid that you can't even eat a bite without wondering about the calories. You don't want to hurt yourself.

So many people think that anorexia, bulemia, etc. are just for people who PURPOSELY want to starve themselves. But really, it can happen when you don't realize it, and sometimes when you finally do realize you have a problem, it might be too late to fix it. Luckily I caught myself just in time, but I still hurt my body pretty bad.

I'm addicted! I'll be the first to admit. I think I'm addicted to dieting in general. I do calorie cycling. Gain 3 pounds on the weekend, lose them on the weekdays. It's just fun for me.

im consuming 700calories a day and loosing about 3lb a week, it's not good.

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