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Yea. Im not even sure its a zit; it looks like a tiny white head on the inside edge in the corner of my top eyelid. And its really annoying. Anyone know how to get rid of it??

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Ah, you have a stye. I HATE themmm.

You can look up treatment, but I've found that putting a warm washcloth on my eye helps more than most other things I've tried.
Good luck!

oh god, those things are AWFUL and painful and ugh, just terrible.

unfortunately, there's not much you can do besides ride it out, but for future reference, one big way that you can get styes is by not washing your eye makeup off before going to sleep. yeah, learned that the hard way.

Not sure if this is an old wives tale, but my mom used to always have me put a hot tea bag on it and soak it for a few minutes each night. I guess it made it go away faster.
Not suppose to, but I always pop em.  Nothing's ever happend when I've done that :/

ugh an evil STYE! I used to get them all the time.

Best thing you can do is to not pop it. Also for 10-15 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, press a warm wash cloth against it. I read that it makes the white blood cells work faster in fighting off the infection. It cleared up much faster last time when I did this compared to when I used to pick at it, rub it, and try to pop it. lol

wow thank you all so much for your responses! It turned out that it popped a couple of hours later on its own. But thank you!

You could also just use some OTC stye medicine. You should be able to find it at the drug store... if you happen to get one again.  They do usually just go away on their own though.

It's called a sty... get a clean wash cloth and soak it in hot water. Hold it to your eye and it should draw it out.

Very important though... do not put anything from your infected eye to your good eye... eyes are sympathetic to one another, so it will get an infection very easily!

That's called a sty... they're rather painful, but short-lived. Put hot water onto a washcloth and fold it to make a warm compress and hold it over your eye to help bring the thing to a head. And I see from your later post that it worked... it should feel better very quickly now.

You can wash your eyelid with a q-tip and baby shampoo to keep it clean while it heals.  I used to get them all the time.  Warm compress and baby shampoo are the best treatments.

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