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The worst time of the month is back again..

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Hmm, Kinda personal but I just got my period back after a couple of months due to malnutrition. I am in recovery for anorexia, and getting it back now I absolutaly hate having it, I always have.. I mean, I know it's good to finally get it back but I just can't take it. It makes me feel like crap, and I never want to do anything. So I guess what I'm asking is, is there anyway to lighten or not have your period? or at least have it less? I know birth-control, But my nutritionist already gave a no to that. Anything else?
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Part of being a just happens.  For some it's light, for others, heavy...and I mean light and heavy in intensity, not just flow.'re a girl.  You're going to just have to deal like the rest of us.  I have found, however, Midol to help with crams and bloating and a nice warm heating pad will help with cramps.  I've also found that a few sets of sit ups also help with cramps.  

As far as the depression and overall sh**** feeling, maybe you could talk to your doctor.  If the feelings persist, you could possibly have more than just pms.   

I used to call my period the curse, and it always hurt like heck.  Someone gave me the great advice of thinking positively.  I stopped calling it the curse.  I started celebrating it.  Preparing for it.  Little things like going shopping and buying my products, having underwear just for that occasion, special bath salts.
Stretching helps.  The worst thing that you can do is crawl up into a ball and say it hurts.
I know that girls with PCOS have a different set of problems, but if you are fine then you need to change you thinking patterns.
Just think of the alternative, pregnancy.
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I like to think--"at least I'm not pregnant!"
ahaha, Thank you guys for the suggestions.. It is good that I'm not pregnant ;)
omg I just got my period back yesterday after not having it since febuary, and losing it because of ED-NOS/Anoreixa. I don't care too much because I never get pms/cramps/bloating (its genetic, my mom doesnt either) but the thing is that I still only weigh like 92-93lbs (up from 87lbs) im 5'3ish...and am eating about 1200cal a day (which probably should be increased but i cant eat that much yet)... what concerns me is that my doctor said that I needed to get my period back to be healthy, so now that it is back am I healthy enough? can I actually just maintain? It seems tempting... I first lost it when I was like 100lbs so it is weird that it came back so soon...

If you want to lighten it, exercise can be key.  I have found that when I am working out more, especially during my period, it becomes not only lighter but shorter.  For a 6 week period, I participated in a simple work fitness competition, made not so simple by the competitive nature of myself and 2 of my female coworkers, we like to try to out do each other in a very friendly, but extremely competitive way.  So I was working out between 4-6 hours a day (and eating healthy foods and a higher amount of calories to support this higher level of activity).  As a result, the cramps I am normally burdened with, did not exist and my period lasted a little less then 3 days.  I also train for marathons and during the peak of my training, I usually experienc a similar period.  You won't get rid of it completely this way as long as you are eating healthy, but it is a great way to aviod "feeling like crap."  Just remember that it is important to properly increase your caloric intake in proportion to your increase in activity (you need carbs).

I really found that the more physically fit, I was the less the cramps bothered me.  I'm out of shape now and the cramps are paintful and really annoying since I know it's my own fault.  Attitude certainly helps too.  I swear by that.  I have found if I don't feel well and people ask about me, if I say I'm fine over and over before you know it I don't feel half as bad, as if I tell them what is wrong and what hurts, etc. etc. I feel worse after a while.

Also i bet if you talk to your Doctor again, getting your period back is just a sign that you are getting healthy.  it is NOT the end goal.  Keep on eating healthy and check in with your doctor.  Good Luck

i wish my period would come any day soon! apparntley i lost count to the number of weeks ive been missing it but i should of started it last week and now im geting kinda scared =S  it is a very good way to tell that your not pregant when you get it and i hope im not even though i coulda swear i started it last week, could it really be that light by just getting like a drop of it and then it goes?
just curious, what did you change in order to get it back? more fat, or just more overall calories? I've been eating 1200 net for quite a while now and still haven't gotten it back..
Carmen, I know what you mean! And congrats on getting it back, But I feel the same way. My nutritionist said that I can stay at whaever weight I get my period back at, but last week she "added on" that I have to maintain my period and make sure it stays, blah blah. So I'm assuming shes still going to make me gain. And It turns out my 'period' that I got was only about a day long and like not even enough to acknowledge it as a period, But still, I guess its something.

Butterfly, Belive me, I would love to exersize! Haha, but my nutritonist also said that I can't, but when I can, I deffinatly will start doing some activities again and hitting the gym (:

And thank you ida_maes_mom, I will work on my attitude too, That probebly is a huge part of the over-all midset.

Revolution, I didn't really change much I think besides upping my calories some more. I am now around 1,900-1,950 daily trying to gain. My nutritionist last week added about 200 more calories getting it to 1,950, and I got it this week, so maybe having your calories increased can help? And I've also heard about the increasing your fats, but I'm not sure if thats true. I think it may be just having actually more fat on your body that helps get your period back because without it, all your energy is beig used up to keep your body warm and your blood flowing, and dosen't have enough energy or anything to work on your menstrul cycle.



Drink lots of water

Hot bubble baths

Heating Pad applied to lower back

If you really hate having your period why don't you go on the pill? You can safely take three packets back to back, meaning you only have a period every few months, Its what i do anyway.
Again, I really do want to exersize!  But my nutritionist is 'forbidding me' Haha and I'm not sure for how long. And the pill she also wont let me do because supposibly it will stunt my growth and the negative effects out weight the posatives. But thank you guys anyway (:
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