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What is your worst calorie total ever?

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I maxed out at 7,600 calories yesterday. I did horrible. Am i the only one who binges like this? What's your worse day?

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Mines probably somewhere like that! My body I think did better with full day binges *eating constantly all day* rather than the 2 hour late night stuff my face till I can't anymore binges.  I find a treat a day REALLY helped stop with my binges I eat healthy all day and workout then have a treat a day. Tonight it's a big jelly filled donut from the italian bakey! Last night it was half a cupcake and a little scoop of gingerbread eggnog trifle mmm!

Last night was a stuff my face for two hours binge lol. I ate a bunch of ice cream that's why it was so high. I tried the treat a day thing but its hard for me. As soon as i taste something good, my brain goes "MORE,MORE,MORE" lol. I think i'll just have to fight the cravings until i learn healthier eating patterns. EggNog is amazing lol

Since I started Calorie Count, my worst has been 2200. That's still below my daily burn rate, though (only by a few calories, lol).

Before I started Calorie Count, I'd say it was at least 5000.

I used to wonder how I put on 70 lbs... Now I know it was WAY too many calories, too much sodium, not enough water, and sitting on my tush (now even if I don't feel like exercising, I at least make sure to fully clean the house so I burn an extra 300-500 calories).

Yes I'm right up there with you!!  Usually, once I start binging, I don't track anymore - it just blurs all together until my tummy hurts and I just stop out of uncomfortableness lol.

However, just some words of support: (don't know where you are on your journey)  As you begin to make small changes this binging behaviour will begin to happen less and less.  For instance, instead of twice a week, once a week.. etc. etc.

Myself for instance, after 6 years of emotional eating...I still binge - about once or twice a month (hard to break an impulsive and addictive habit).  Eventually it will be zero though :)  Its generally less intense sessions now.  This change has happened 'seemingly' naturally as a result of focusing on other enjoyable things such as fun sources of exercise, healthy foods that taste good, and having energizing goals outside of fitness/health to balance my life out (ie. school grades, getting a job after graduation, etc.).

Best of luck!  Every moment is a new moment to begin!

I just started this about 20 minutes ago and that calorie intake is actually normal for me. I binge eat a lot and it gets worse than the 5000 + calories that I had today, haha. All I can do is try to control myself tomorrow, take it day after day. I rarely exercise too...

My worst since being on calorie count was just under 3000. God only knows how bad it got before that...

Since I started counting calories the worst has been around 3200, but that was on Thanksgiving, so I don't feel too bad about it.

my worst was 2600; for me, thats a lot(considering I have trouble making 1600 even as a teenage girl because i eat a lot of fruits and veggies as my snacks and with every meal)
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