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Working out with Fibromyalgia

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Several years ago my sister was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  It took the health professionals 7 years to figure out exactly what was wrong with her, with misdiagnoses and even one doctor told her it was all in her head.  I have since found out that some doctors believe it might even be hereditary.  I use to be feverish about my workouts. I did step aerobics and high impact aerobics 5 or 6 days week.  About a year ago all that came to abrupt stop because I believe I am suffering from the same ailment as my sister.  I have spoken to her at length about this and she is convinced I am suffering from this as well.  My doctor doesn't agree he thinks that I am depressed and attests that to my weight gain and inability to work out as often.  However here is my question. Does anyone else suffer from this and how do you manage with good days and bad days?  Do your workouts help you feel better or are you even sorer then you can imagine?  How do you cope?  I feel like something I loved doing was taken away from me and the weight gain does not help. 

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I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS a little over a year a go. I am a 21yo female, and besides my asthma up until then was in considerably decent health. I had always dealt with being a little over tired but just figured it was my asthma, as it was very severe. Well 3-4 months before my diagnosis, I suffered greatly from being tired and a bit from being in pain. By the time of my diagnosis, I was barely even able to get out of the bed. I have had very rough days and nights. But the key for me has been faith and determination. I gained a fair amount of weight and have lost it all plus some through a change in diet and exercise. Do not b discouraged, take plenty of vitamins, drink plenty of water, move around as much as you can, and stay encouraged.

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