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Do some women just NEVER get a period?

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Hey guys- I've commented on a topic or two before a/b people who are trying to get their periods back/regular...thing is, I have been at a normal weight for the past....almost 6 years--I don't weigh myself anymore but I'm guessing I weigh anywhere from 118-125 pounds at 5'7. I've always been a slim girl-VERY active in gradeschool through high school but now it's just my own job to get out and be active. We've ruled out all the posibilities and I was wondering if it's possible maybe some miniscule percent of females never menstruate? If not....I don't know what that means a/b my ability to have kids one day.
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Your body fat is probably too low. You should be worried about it if you aren't on the pill, since not getting your period has a lot of effects aside from having clean underwear all month. Your period shows you that you have the proper levels of hormones in the body in order to ovulate. Those hormones are also responsible for calcium uptake into your bones. This is why many anorectics who lose their period for years will get osteoporosis at extremely early ages. Have you been to a doctor or gyno and explained the situation? They may recommend that you see an endocrinologist to test your hormone levels, or they may want to put on you a pill so that at least your body has the hormones to perform the tasks it needs to. They will probably also suggest that you gain some weight, since you are technically underweight. The body stops making hormones when it is underweight because it is conserving all available fat for other more vital body functions.

Current research indicates it's not a BF problem, but a caloric problem.  Check your burn/eat numbers. ise_amenorrhoea

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we always thought it was that I was too thin or too active---the thing is I have an older sister (just had a baby!) who's 5'2 and can't be more than a 100 pounds. She's always had regular periods and my little sister got hers when she was 14 and was much thinner than than I am. Do you think it could simply be a matter of too little calories in vs. out? I'm on a reasonable meal plan (not for an ED, but to help fuel my running) so I don't count calories only try to get in all the nutrients. I was 125 pounds for a/b a year but, given I was really struggling withd epression and when I got that under control I just stabilized around 120 again.
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If you are really serious there are some very rare "disorders" that would not have you being able to get pregnant. One very strange one is where the person is actually male- yx, but because his cells cannot respond to testosterone in the womb, he never changes his development to become a male. So he is born "female". At that a very attractive female as throughout his development there is little influences by testosterone to make his body more masculine looking. (every persons bodies make use of  both male and female sex hormones in development) I'm not certain but I vaguely remember this strange condition was discovered because the "women" involved could not have children.   Needless to say one episode of "house" has already incorporated such a rare condition.

 All humans are female until hormones turn them male, the opposite is true of other species. That is why there is a fuss about estrogen mimickers in the environment, and parent might be willing to get organic" food for their daughters, but not fuss much about their grown sons. These estrogen mimickers can be stored in body fat. That can be a problem if it is released into the bloodstream during pregnancy. It may interfere with a foetus's male development.



 Also it is true that those who start their periods early, end late; and those who start their periods late, end early. So if you are interested in having children, and there is nothing "wrong" with you, you should still find out, because you may have to plan for ending motherhood earlier compared to your sisters who will have a longer time to have their own children.  I read somewhere some women who start late may end by 35 years of age. Thats a lot shorter than the average of 45 to 55 years.  They can bear children for less than 20 years?  You might as well start figuring out now what might cause problems for your plan of having children sometime.

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you never had a period....there are some reasons for that, and low body fat....or unhealthy eating habits are only two of that...i would suggest you to see your practitioner or gynecologist - have you ever been to one?
Definitely be sure to see a gynecologist and ensure that everything is all right - your hormones are at the right level.  I always had trouble with not getting my period for months on end while at a completely reasonable weight, and it turned out that my body was producing waaaayyyy too much of one hormone.  It was only noticeable b/c I didn't have a period, but once we looked into it, my gyno found that the part of my brain that makes that hormone was becoming too big and would soon have pushed on my vision nerves if we didn't get it under control.  With meds, everything is just fine.  Please check!!
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I know--I finally have an appt with the gyno in a few weeks to figure this out...what bothers me is that whenever I've mentioned it to practitioners in the past is they usually simply suggest birth control-I think that's a great option to decrease the chance of bone loss but it would kind of anger me b/c I dont feel that "fixes" the real problem--I want to have kids someday....NOT today haha but someday. haha luckily I am fully a female...I had that already ruled out a little over a year ago but yea, they kept saying maybe I was starting REALLY late or not eating enough but now I'm just confused. Thanks for all your insights!
I was put on birth control for a while as well, and am just now coming off of it to see if the meds have had their intended effect.  The level that I had problems with is called prolactin.  Ask her about that in particular, see if she has anything to say.  It's a really simple blood test, and would be good to rule out.

There's another condition called poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is where your body starts to prepare to ovulate, but the eggs never quite make it and instead stay in the ovary and form little cysts (not the big painful kind.)  I have a minor case of this, and have had very irregular periods in my life.  I had my first when I was 14, then not another for a whole year later!  And there have been various other times in my life when I've not had a period for a long stretch of time, like a year.

Anyways, my point is that I saw a gyno about it and they put me on birth control, which actually helped kick my hormones into gear a little.  Even after coming off b.c., my cycles were quite regular for a long while, although they slowly started get a bit irregular again--but still not nearly as bad as before.

Of course, being on b.c. gave me a blood clot in the deep vein of my leg!  Very dangerous!  Turns out I have a blood clotting disorder, which I never knew about before that.  So, a word to the wise--make sure you have no family history of blood clots before you get on hormonal birth control!!  But sorry, I digress...

Gaining a little bit of weight might help you too--it's worth a shot, at least. 

i'm definitely going to ask a/b a lot of these things--mindaylynn--Is it too much to ask but if you have PCOS aren't you not able to have children? I know I shouldn't think ahead but now I'm looking up symptoms and I have SO many!!! I've had darker patches of skin on my neck on and off since I was 15 but we thought it was just wierd tanning:P, BAD back pain, and lots of bloating. ohhh...ahhh not believing anything until I get checked out but it's very frustrating to not feel fully like a woman and kind of scary.

hi there katergater - i am right there with you, i never naturally get my cycle.

this is what happened to me - i got my period when i was pretty young, probably 6th-7th grade? then as a freshman in HS i succumbed to anorexia and went from a healthy 125lbs (aprox?) to 100 lbs in no time at all. (and while being an active athlete)

the consequences? no period. and for me, my cycle was always heavy and lasted 6 days. so what a surprise that was! i made the mistake of living it up and enjoying the freedom until my mom realized i had not asked her to buy any feminine products in over a year. so off to the gynocologist i went, as a sophomore in HS - fun times. and mind you, by this time i had gained all the weight back - and was back at 125lbs.

my doctor explained it to me in a simple way -

1) i has slowly started killing myself by not eating when i had the ED, so my body decided to shut down my cycle  - it wasnt necessary to have and it needed to hold onto everything to keep the rest of "alive" (losing a cycle is usually the first sign that you are on the road to doing serious damage to your body)

2) - my hormone levels were out of whack and i had more testosterone than i had estrogen. odd, right?

3) my mom also had ovarian cancer, so my doctor looked into that too - no cysts.

the solution: she put me on birth control to help me get my cycle back. i was on it for almost 4 years  (until summer between freshman and sophomore year of college) and then i started getting sick from it - migraines, nauseau. my doctor suggested i try to come off of it for the summer and see if my cycle comes back. so i did and did it come back? nope. so back on it i am... currently at the second set of 4 yrs on the pill. a long time to be on birth control.

the long term consequences - i will probably never naturally get my cycle and having kids will be a challenge. she briefly mentioned gene therapy to me in my last visit ---  and since i am not at that stage in my life, i decided not to dig deeper for info since i dont need to worry myself sick over pregnancy when that is quite a few years away. 

it is not impossible to have children without a natural cycle, just more difficult. im sorry you are going through this, it is not fun at all and i can only imagine how frustrating it will become when we get to the age and point in our lives where we decide to start a family. i am hoping for both of our sakes we have supportive families and husbands! 

Hi again Katergater--sorry I forgot to check on this thread after I posted--now maybe it's so late that you'll never go back and read this...but for what it's worth, I thought I'd answer your question.  Having PCOS can make it difficult to have children, but not impossible.  I myself have sort of normal periods now, after having been on the pill and then getting off.  So for me personally it's less of a big deal than for some women with full-blown PCOS.  I have a good friend who has PCOS who tried for like 4 or 5 years to get pregnant, and never could.  Then, she decided to try glucophage, which is supposed to help regulate your insulin, I think (PCOS is related to insulin resistance in some complicated way.)  And then like a month after she started taking it--voila!  She conceived!  She now has two little boys, and I think they are still planning to have more kids.

So the point is, no PCOS does not automatically mean you can't have kids naturally.  There are some treatments to try (some people find success just eating low-carb for a while, I've heard) that can help things, so if you *do* end up having PCOS, don't despair!  I know there is at least one website support group for women with PCOS, which I have browsed around on a little but not joined--you could find lots of advice/ideas there or on a similar one--just google PCOS.

Of course, you might not actually have PCOS!  The first step would, of course, be to talk to your doctor about being tested.  (For me, they did an ultrasound of my ovaries to check for cysts--there might be other tests too, I'm not sure.)

Best of luck to you! I know it's tough to have to go through.

i have never had a regular period. i'm naturally skinny and a ballet dancer so the only time i've ever had periods was when my dance company was in between seasons, and i don't even get it then anymore. the doctor said i have amenhorrea but since i have healthy eating habits she said there's nothing really to do besides go on the pill which i don't want to do. go see a doctor and if they find nothing wrong with you then just don't worry about it.

so did u ever go see the dr what was it they said did u ever get ur period im 22 now newly married and I want a baby. I need to go the

the dr I know but I am so affriad.

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