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Whole body twitches whilel sleeping! Help!

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Ok I'm writing this in hopes that someone out there has had problems with the same thing and can help me. I have recently been having full body twitches at night just as I'm about to fall asleep, they can range anywhere from my whole body to just my upper or lower body. I have had then in the past every once in a great while and I can't remember the last time that I have had one. But over the last two weeks I have been having then about everyother night. My husband thinks something is wrong with me and its starting to affect the way that he is sleeping. It seems to wake both of us up at the same time. Last night was really bad we went to bed around 11:30 and it was about 2 am when I finally got out of bed and went to the couch because I was worried about waking up my husband being that he works early. So I was wondering if there was anyone out there that goes through the same thing and can maybe give me some advice. Please help!! I really need a good night sleep. I also noticed that this afternoon I tried to lay down for a nap and I had two twitches just when i was about to fall asleep so I didnt' end up getting that nap!!!! Help I'm really starting to get tired and need sleep soon!!!
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This sounds familiar.  Sometimes just as I'm drifting off to sleep my entire body will twitch but it feels like I've been dropped and have just bounced on the bed.

Unfortunately, I don't have any advice on what to do.  It might be stress related.

It doesn't happen often to me, but you aren't alone in experiencing this.
Guess it's pretty normal, although i can understand how it could be a problem ;)  Here's a link on it...

It could be RLS. I'm not a doctor but I twitch and sometimes it even feels like muscle tightness that is so uncomfortable I have to move to get relief. If it keeps up go to you Doctor and let him know. Also, are you taking any different medications, even cold medicine over the counter can cause the same symptoms. Good luck.
I have the same problem, but to me, it's more funny than annoying.  I'll be having a dream and whatever I'm doing in the dream--I'll just suddenly fall, like flat on my face.  It rocks.

But now that you mention it I think I'm going to start paying attention to my stress level when it happens...
Both my husband and his brother twitch in their sleep.  I discovered his brother did when he was in the hospital for open heart surgery and we were watching him twitch.  His wife says he's always done that.  I was going to suggest RLS, since its keeping you from getting to sleep.  For my husband, he has degenerative disc disease and is on a regimine of narcotic drugs to control the pain.  I've noticed that on days when he as to take the pills for the break thru pain, his twitching is more pronounced.  In fact, he more or less begins to act out his dreams.  I haven't checked out the link United posted above yet, but I believe they are connected.  I believe its suppose to have something to do with not secreting enough of some chemical - seratonin, maybe? - to paralyze you so you don't act out your dreams.  For some people, they don't have enough of whatever it is and they sleep walk and a whole bunch more.  It can be scary.  One night my husband punched me in the back in his sleep while dreaming that one of our neighbor's daughter had a wasp on her.  It was probably an anxiety dream, because he's allergic to them.  Best adivce, talk to a doctor.
I get that too, just as I'm falling asleep, sometimes associated with some kind of falling dream- it wakes me up with a jerk. I notice it more if I go to sleep on my back so I prefer to sleep on my side.

I'm guessing it's not actually a problem- it seems very common, so just part of being human!
Are you taking any new medications?  Bupropion (Wellbutrin) can make you twitch.  I had a real issue with my limbs jerking around at random times until I got my dosage lowered.  I think some ADD meds (really, any drug that's a stimulant I suppose) and some other psychotropics cause twitching/shaking as well.
I have the same problem.  What helped me is "Ionic Minerals"  it is a liquid and you take about 10-40 drops depending on how severe the symptons before you go to sleep.  I drop off like a baby!   We don't get enough minerals in our diet even when eat extremely well.  Hope this helps.  You can find them at your local health food store.
Thank everyone for your replies and suggestions, I am going to look into the Ionic Minerals. I have only had the twitching twice last week and I haven't had any this week so I'm thinking that it has something to do with when Im over tired or have stayed up to late and my body is tired. I think that my exercise routine has something to do with it also. But again thanks again for everyones help.
It could also be stress, stress can do the strangest things to you when you're sleeping.
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I have been on Well butrin for about 3 years (300) mgs plus other meds that I was more suspicious of causing these twitches. But I am reading on many other web sites that these can range from annoying to deadly. I have exactly what you describe. I will be peacefully going to sleep and all 4 limbs will go flying....or just my right elbow, which is unfortunate b/c my husband sleeps on that side..ha...

I also get them when I am typing or reading or especially tired...

Hope that helps you..
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Hi, I have also just recently began twitching, in the last 6 mos or so. However, mine never stops. It bothers my husband when he sleeps. I thought it would be temporary, but not so. Anybody have any ideas? I have fibromyalgia and spine disease, i.e. transforaminal stenosis, disk bulging, herniated disk at L3-4, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and a few minor others. Please help.

Ok we have some confusion out there I see. If just before going to sleep this is called a kinetic jerk. This is normal, if you have just lower body jerks Restless leg syndrome is usually the culprit. However it is all over the body jerks it is definately one of two options. are you overweight do you snore (sleep apnea). If no snoring u have anxiety,depression. Do not underestimate this condition 1/3 of America has it and it has the possibility of getting worse and spreading to other conditions. In my case I have had the following going on. Hearing voices, usually my name called. I get half asleep and total random thoughts are in my head and I will act on them. In other words if I am ordering a pizza I will wake and say mushrooms and sausage. And my family laugh. It is comical but very embarrasing. I went to the ER with symptoms of a heart attack. Believe me everybody thought it was. Until 4 hours later when everything returned to normal. Had a camera ran up one of my main arteries or veins and my heart was stron andnormal. diagnosis anxiety attack, If you have impending fellings of doom it is anxiety. DO NOT brush it off by taking the idiots cure, Just shake it off or let it just run off your back.

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