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Weird taste in mouth?

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I have a weird taste in my mouth that won't go away even if I drink water, eat, or brush my teeth. Is it possible that it's ketosis, even though I am eating at least 1300 cals a day with at least half my calories in carbs each time?

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Have you eaten pine nuts recently?

How long have you had the weird taste?  Sometimes it is an indication that your blood sugars are out of sync.  I would recommend, if there is a history of diabetes in your family and this has been an ongoing problem, to see your physician an have him/her draw a fasting blood sugar.  


I just had a few pine nuts about a week ago. I'm estimating about 5 nuts...but I dont think that could be the cause of the problem?

And my family doens't have a history of diabetes. And I've had this weird taste for about a week and a half now, I would say.

Its the pine nuts.

If you google it - you will see a ton of people write about it.  I ate raw pine nuts and 2 days later I had the strangest sour bitter taste that  would NOT go away.  It lasted almost a week. I think its because I didn't roast them.... just threw them on a salad.

It mostly appeared every time I would eat.

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You should try eating more for a few days to see if it goes away.  And try to avoid foods with a high acid content e.g. fruit.  If your tummy is empty a lot of the time your stomach acids can bubble away on nothing and come back up your throat as 'reflux' or 'heartburn'.  That will put a nasty taste in your mouth.

And if it carries on, you might want to consult either your doctor or dentist.

Are you sure it wasn't something you ate? I ate an plain onion yesterday and I can STILL taste it. EW. Onion flavoured oatmeal.
I also agree with it possibly being mild heartburn.

If you suspect it to be ketosis make sure you EAT more! Ask someone to smell your breath (or, er... urine.. if they're close. =P). If they say it smells fruity you're in trouble.

Is it a metalic taste? I've had that, and it was because of a cankersore - once it started healing, the taste went away, but no water, eating, or brushing helped.

Metalic taste could also indicate sinus infection....sinus' draining down back of throat.  Mine gets bad this time of year when the windows are open!


wow. now i'm never having pine nutss. unless they're delicious then i guess i'll try them, but with those side effectss.Frown

I love pine nuts - and only had this when they were raw out of the bag. I was told it was because of the oil spoiling them.   Perhaps had I air locked  the bag - or roasted them I wouldn't have had the problem... but it happened twice.

Don't let this stop you from having them - they are TAAAAASTEY!

Okay, thanks! =]  I think it was the pine nuts too, since it's not really metallic-flavored either.  Thanks for the info; I really do love pine nuts too xD

haha wow that is so weird!! I had no idea pine nuts could do that. I only eat them roasted, and they sure are tasty.

Have you tried scrubbing your tongue for 5 minutes? haha

Nice diet slogan here...."Eat pine nuts. Scare your taste buds. Lose weight."

(giggles to herself)

oh just more question - can watermelon seeds do the same thing?

You could have what's called tonsilloliths - little pieces of calcified foods stuck in your throat. They're not harmful but they can cause bad breath and a weird taste in the mouth, even if you do brush your teeth. I knew two people who had them and they mentioned the same symptoms as you're having. Go to the doc and make him/her check out the back of your throat, you may have something stuck there.

Good luck!

Hows your digestion?? Have you been constipated at all?

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