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How much weight can you gain in a week?

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So, I know this is all totally my own fault. I've been living a very restricted diet at uni for months (900 - 1000 calories a day, even though i'm fairly active), and this week i've been home for easter and have been indulging quite a lot and not keeping track of calories.
However, I have still been exercising and even though I have eaten too much, a lot of my 'indulgences' have been chewing and spitting out food. Which is pretty disgusting, I know, but it stops me from binging totally, even though I acknowledge that with the large amount of chewing and spitting i've been doing, i've inevitably taken in some of the calories.

And now i'm freaking out because I've definitely put on weight. I'm too scared to weigh myself, but I'm convinced my jeans are tighter and my belly is bigger. The main sign is my breasts, though - i've lost a lot of weight from them recently and my bras have been getting very loose, but today I definitely fill out this bra fine, and they just 'feel' bigger.

I didn't think that just a week could lead to such a noticable gain, is this even possible, or is it all in my head? Or (more likely) have I just screwed up my metabolism so bad that now i'm paying the price?

(I'm a 20 year old female, 5"4, and a week ago was 109lb, if that's relevant)

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Are you getting help for your disordered eating?

From your post, you are very close to being underweight. You are undereating, overexercising, and chewing and spitting.

You are headed down a very bad path, and you need to get professional help before you sink entirely into an eating disorder (that is, assuming you haven't already - I am in no way qualified to make that determination).

I have spoken to my doctor/uni counsellor, who basically reccommend that I seek help from my home GP after exams when I will be moving back here in June.


I know that I have developed an unhealthy relationship with food and my body, which makes it all the more confusing at the moment, as I feel like I have gained about 10lb in the last week, but it could just be all in my head...(also, I don't have a decent scale here, so I can't even check until I go back to uni next week).

It is very likely water weight. But given your stats, gaining fat and muscle would likely be a good thing.

Please seek help when you get home. Set up the appointment now.

Original Post by amethystgirl:

It is very likely water weight. But given your stats, gaining fat and muscle would likely be a good thing.

Please seek help when you get home. Set up the appointment now.

 Mostly likely what you gained is water weight or distorted perception and I agree with amethystgirl, you need to seek help.  You are starving your body right now :(

Does water weight make your boobs swell? And I appreciate the concern, I will try and get some support as soon as i'm done with my final exams and such.

With you virtually starving yourself, there is no way you could have added fat to your boobs in 1 week, so either it's water/monthly fluctuations ( do you still have your period?) or just your perception of your body.

my boobs swell when i am retaining water.

My boobs swell considerably with hormonal fluctuations. That bit is probably waterweight. To gain 10pounds youd have to eat about 35000 cals extra. That's a lot. I think a fair share of the extra bit is water, but I agree with A-girl: even if it isn't it's probably good for you.

You have a problem. I don't know how far away your finals are but I hope no too far because you're seriously screwing up your metabolism with undereating this badly. Not to mention conjuring a lot of other problmes due to malnutrition.

ALl the best for your exams and I hope you'll get out of this whole, healthy and happy!

same situation as me, I have been restricting myself to only 500 and even less sometimes and i'm only 15 and I am aware of the fact that I have an eating dissorder but easter I put an end to my calorie counting for two weeks and indulged myself with easter eggs and the foods I used to eat before my ed. I seem to have put a lot of weight in this short time, Before easter I looked skeletal and all my bones where showing but now I can hardly see them!I'd like to know the same thing ..

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