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weight gain distribution

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I know this has been talked about many times but I'm just feeling a little bummed and confused by my body right now. I've definitely gained weight. I'm up to 110 now from my lowest of 97 back in December. I look much better, but I feel like my torso now looks normal and my arms and legs are still sticks. I mean, my limbs do look better, it's getting there, my veins don't stick out as much and I have more muscle tone since I started doing some strenght exercises, but they're still bony and I'm still pretty self concious about showing them.

My stomach however now even has little rolls!! I know I'm not fat obviously, I'm not complaining about that, or even the rolls, it's a good thing, but when will it start to spread out? It's even worse right after I've eaten because I bloat and I look like a big balloon on sticks. What's weirder is that I've never been proportioned this way, at my normal weight I was always shaped a bit more (excuse the lack of political correctness) like the latin american woman that I am. In other words, I was always thin, small waist, have never had much fat at all in my midsection, but my rear end was fuller in proportion. Grr I could slap myself for having never liked it and always complaining about having "wide hips". My behind is coming back slowly but not as fast as this tummy roll and I want normal legs.

For those of you who have reached your goal weight, how long did the redistribution take? And is there anything I can do to sort of help distribute things more evenly, like certain types of exercise? I will be eagerly awaiting responses! Hope everyone is doing well :)

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Well I was 98 Pounds and honestly I had a nice body compared to now at 121 pounds when I was 14-15.  I mean at first when I gained up to  110 I wasn't proportioned like you, My limbs looksed really odd, That was a long time ago, For me it took 2 years to "  proportion" but Im 115 pounds now, And pretty proportioned although not as nice as it used to be sadly.
You can't determine where you gain weight any more than someone can 'spot reduce' fat from particular areas.   C'est la vie.  Dehydration & water retention are often at the root of midriff 'podginess' and bloating in otherwise very slim people.  So to reduce the effect of water retention it helps to avoid salty, heavily processed and ready-made foods and to drink plenty of fluids and eat more 'whole' foods...

You have to be careful with exercise because, of course, it burns the energy you're trying to retain.  If you keep up with the strengthening exercises and get plenty of protein in your high-calorie diet you should be able to start building back the muscle.  Good luck

ugh, GIBBIT-im right there w you, it sux

There was a thread about this a while ago: /1/42835.html

For me, its not been too bad, though I'm not totally thrilled with my midsection after a year of recovery.  Oh well.
I dont believe in the whole "body desposition" Idea because my stomache is definitely a little bigger than it was when I was 14. 

I'm 22 so I'm pretty sure I'm done growing. I'll just keep pushing and gaining and hopefully it will begin to look normal soon enough. sucks that it seems everyone is saying it takes at least a year!

I've been tyring to post a current picture and it's not letting me :\ I'll keep working on it if anyone knows how its done? It keeps telling me there's a system error.

Gibbit, I used to feel the same way, until one day, for no apparent reason, my weight started  to spread out like none other. When I first lost weight, it was all in my butt and thighs, but not my hips, so I had huge spaces between my legs (seriously, you could drive a tank through there) but I still looked wide because I had hips. And no butt. Definitely, definitely funny looking. Then when I started gaining, I gained ALL in my stomach and back at first, but it's now redistributed to my inner thighs, bust (YES!) and butt. So I still have a poochier tummy and more back fat than I'd really like, but it does get better! I've been recovering for about six months btw, and I'm back to a healthy weight. So hang in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

torpidire, that makes me feel so much better! I've been recoving for about 6 months too but the weight gain was really slow at first so I've only been gaining significant weight for about 3 months. Oo I hope it goes to my bust and butt!! though I never really had a chest to begin with so the chances of it going there are probably slim, but who knows ::fingers crossed::

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