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My weight doesen't change no matter what i do

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I'm posting this because i want to know if somebody else is in the same situation,and how can i change it.My weight is 52 kilograms,or 114 pounds.The problem is that no matter what i do my weight hasn't changed in the past two and a half years.And it wouldn't bother me at all if i haven't tried pretty hard to change it.I had periods when i was literally starving my self for days,i had periods of binge eating and throwing up,and periods of eating twice my daily calories and still I've remained at 114 pounds.I knew it led nowhere and i was ruining my health so i got a grip and got my self in check.I've began eating 3-4 meals a day,a lot of vegetables,protein,fruit,yogurt etc.I exercise 3-4 times a week(a lot of cardio and weight lifting).At the moment I'm on a very low carb diet,i eat mostly green leafy vegetables,tomatoes,peppers,mushrooms and lean protein.I have one cheat day during the weekend when i eat something like pizza or cheeseburger,some dessert maybe few glasses of vine,and that's it.On my cheat day i eat about 2000 calories,the other days is never above 1500. Since i began exercising i'm notably more toned,and now have 24 inch waist,but i want to lose 4 pounds.It is incredibly frustrating.I try so much,i feel like i'm powerless over my own body:-(.I need advise.

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Maybe you are staying at the same weight because that is where your body wants to be?  Our bodies have a natural set point that they will fight hard to stay at.   You don't say how tall you are, but 114 lbs and a 24" waist does not sound like you need to lose weight.    Instead of working on the number on your scale, is it possible for you to trying working on your body image, accepting and even coming to love your reflection in the mirror?   From your phto here, it's clear that you are a very beautiful woman.

how tall are you? perhaps you simply don't have any weight to lose. with a 24 inch waist you're probably already as slender as your body will allow without extreme measures being taken

I agree with the two above responses.  Something else to consider is that you've gained muscle mass.  You could very well have lost fat but your weight stayed the same due to a greater amount of muscle.  Definitely, though, although you did not give us your height you sound like you're pretty slender.  And 4lbs?  That is such a small amount, it sounds to me like you just want it for the number on the scale, rather than the image it would reflect.  Don't worry about numbers.  Numbers are silly, trivial things :)

First, how tall are you? 

If you are 5 ' 4 or above, then 114 lbs is not a natural or healthy weight for about 60 - 70% of the population. 114 lbs IS already slender.

If you have to eat less than 1500 calories to maintain your weight;if you gain if you eat MORE than 1500, it means your body does NOT want to lose any more weight.

To keep your metabolism running efficiently, you need to; eat AT LEAST as much as the recommedations state that a girl of your size should eat; eat enough of each food group, do not restrict carbs to the point where u CRAVE them like crazy.

If you do the right thing, your body will be in its optimal state; eating enough, eating mostly clean, unprocessed food from ALL food groups, will give you nice skin, and keep your body looking and feeling its best.

If you are so focused on your appearance and body, it makes sense that you would want to have lovely clear skin, healthy looking hair,  and a body that is fit and healthy ( which is achieved through a balanced diet and regular but not exessive amounts of exercise).

Do the right thing by your body, and you will look your best. he number on the scale does not necessaryly = health and good looks. If you starve your body below its natural weight, you will look unhealthy and not your best.

If you are 5'4 or taller it is likely that your body is not healthy at a lower weight than 114 lbs.  I am 5 ' 5 and when I go lower that that weight, it is clearly not healthy for me. I am about 119 lbs now and still look slim and have a great body.

I'm 167cm, i think that is 5'5.I think after all the abuse i have put my body trough,because i was stupid,and didn't thought about my long term health this is how it gets back to me.I probably have terribly slow metabolism or something.And no,i don't want to be some skinny minnie,i want to be fit and strong.But the thing is,i work so hard at it,and there are some people who just cut out soft drinks and lose tons of weight.I have not tasted soft drink in more than a year,it makes me want to scream.You know what i mean?Also being healthy,and staying slim  is so important to me because obesity runs in my family.My two sisters are morbidly obese,and my mother is overweight

OKAY.  I am ALSO 167cm, which is about 5 ' 5.    52 kilos IS ALREADY VERY SLIM  for women of our height!  VERY FEW women, perhaps about 20% TOPS in westertn society, are 52 kilos at OUR height.

You have a body image problem and you need help, if you SERIOUSLY think you need to lose weight when you are ALREADY only 52 kilos.  That, or you need to be e ducated about nutrition and fitness...

Women who are mentally healthy and have a healthy relationship with their bodies and weigh 52 kilos at 167 cm KNOW that they DO NOT need to lose weight; if they have read much about fitness, they would ALSO know that women this size need to only focus on FIRMING UP ( or toning), and that LOSING weight at 52 kilos is dangerous and unhealthy.

It is totally stupid and  the worst thing you could do for your body, if you were to lose weight. If you cannot see that you are already a slim weight at 52 kilos and 167cm, you have a psychological problem and need to see a therapist who will help you to see reality for what it is, and to accept your body how it is.

A very, very small % of women of our height have bodies that are healthy below 52 kilos. Literally, about 5 - 10% of women. To be healthjy below 52 kilos, it HAS to be your NATURAL weight.

Women who are naturally LOWER than 52 kilos, which is what YOU are striving to be, are NATURALLY that weight; because they are NATURALLY that skinny, they do not NEED to actually TRY to be that thin.

Bacially, the few women who ARE really that naturally thin do now have to work at it; it comes naturally. Because it is natural and healthy for them.

I know all these facts to be true; for the past 3 years I WAS 167 cm and 50 - 52 kilos.  I had THE SAME stats as you did.

I am not 54 - 55 kilo's and actually look great; I am vain and hate fat, too. Yet even I know that at 55 kilos I still look great, if I eat healthily and keep active.


If you are 52 - 55 kilo's, I find PILATE'S and YOGA to be very beneficial.  All I do is do at home Pilates DVD'S, but every day, and even DVD'S keep my body looking in great shape. And trust me, I am fussy, I would not try to convince ou that I looked great at 55 kilo's if I didn't.

You will get the best results from things like Pilates and yoga, with occasional heavier stuff ( but not often or every day). The lower intensity, but core and flexibility focused exercises are great for women of your size!

Pilate and Yoga DVD's, along with squats and lunges using your own body weight 2 - 3 days a week, will keep your circulation going, and give your body a good shape, all thsoe stretches and core work really does do wonders! I am living proof!

I am compelled to help you and I really want you to know the truth in your situation. I have been your STATS, and I really do know that losing MORE WEIGHT will only lower your metabolism, making it MORE LIKELY that you will be over weight as you age, due to your metabolism not working well.

On the other hand, you can take my route, and eat at OR ABOVE the standartd recommendation, make sure you eat enough, and do gently but effective Pilate's and yoga to firm up.

Your body does not want to be lower than 52 kilo's, and trying to lose weight in your current predicament will make you metabolism slow right down, and you could end up like your mother and sisters if you do starve yourself now.

Please just accept your body  at its current weight, and eat the recommendations ( or more if you feel hungrier), and improve your body through WHAT you eat, and how you exercise.

Starving yourself and ruining your metabolism is never the right answer for any one. Self acceptance and improving your body the healthy way is the ONLY way to looking, AND feeling your best.


we DO NOT need to LOSE weight, we need to FIRM  UP the fat we DO have.. seriously... losing weight  WILL lower your metabolism.



If lifting heavier weights and cardio are things that you do because they make you FEEL healthier, by all means, so them, but do not over exercise. At your slim weight, is is dangerous to do too much.

I was only suggesting Pilate's, because it uses muscles in ways you are not already using them in, and any change in routine is good for your body and gets results faster than sticking to the same thing.

I also wanted to say that I also went through periods in these past few years of starvation and binge eating ( although I never thew up). I still never went above 52 kilo's.

52 kilo's was my magic number, that I would NEVER let myself go over. I ate about 1600 or more calories and over ate and binged regularly and maintained my weight of 50 - 52 kilo's.

The binging is psychological for some people, but if you are 52 kilos and our height, it is ALSO triggered by our bodies actually TELLING us to binge.  To compensate for not eating enough on a regular basis.

I hope you trust me and beleive it when I say that losing weight when you are at an ALREADY slim weight, is disordered and not healthy or normal. You either need to accept that it is unhealthy to lose more weight because you are alreadfy slim enough, or you need professional help to get you to think in this way.

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