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Water weight gain before period?

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How  much on average does one gain in water right before or during the period? Can it be as much as 4 pounds? When does the body retain the most water?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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For everyone its different!

Now, it took A LONG time for me to have periods that were anywhere near normal. For the last 2 or so years of college, I was ~145-175, fluctuating around in there. I'm 5'8". I had periods every 30-33 days. The weight gain was always the few days before, maybe 7 days sometimes, and it could be anywhere from 0-10 pounds.

When I was trying to get pregnant in 2007 and taking hormones and then clomid, I gained weight around ovulation time (5 lbs) and period time though I only had one (again 5 pounds). When I was on Nuvaring in 2009, I would gain weight when the withdrawal bleed began ("period" day one) and it would last about 7 days, outstaying the period by a few days.

I haven't had a period on my own since April 6, 2005... but that was my experience.

I don't weigh myself anymore. But yes, I notice a huge water weight gain a few days before and a few days during my period.

PMS is not pretty, and weight gain pre-period can also come from constipation. With constipation, (I will get graphic here) you not only have extra poo weight, but your body also stores (more) water in an attempt to flush out your stored poo. Remember that you should drink lots of water to avoid constipation, or your body will store it for you.

Record how many days before, during, and after your period that you gain weight. Then, I suggest to never weigh yourself on those days. Periods are quite the bummer as it is, why let a small weight gain that is not your fault bring you down more?

Like clock work I gain 8-10lbs the week before and then lose it within a few days of starting.

Thank you for starting this post Monidon! I was wondering the same thing myself as I too put on weight at different times in the month even when I eat normally. Thanks for the advice people- you can bet I'll be staying away from the scales around period time! x

Luckily, I've never had a period, but from what I can find and what I've read on CC forums, it can vary drastically for individuals. Some even lose.


I also know when my period water weight will come off because that night I pee like a race horse. Then the next morning, I look more toned and less bloated.

I also retain tons of water, starting 2-3 days before my period and my belly looks like a barrel. No point in weighing yourself on those days, since the weight gain can be anything between 2-8 pounds. My problems now is that my monthly weigh-in is coming up, but exactly during those water-retaining bloated days. Darn.

i just wanted to reply to this to reassure any girl currently in question. i gain at least 2-3 LBS before my periods. for about 3 days before my period starts, my lower stomach starts developing a barrel (pooch) its so gross and it feels all doughy when i push on it. and then about 3 days into my period, my weight finally starts going back to normal. some periods are worse than others (to where I'll gain like 5 pounds) and some i'll only gain like a pound. but usually its always the 2-3 range. And its funny because every period, i get super discouraged and upset thinking "what if its not really the period. what if i just got fat, but typically its JUST the period??" 

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