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Too much water hurting my kidneys?

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I've been drinking about 3 liters of water every day for the past three days and my lower back has been sore for the same amount of time.  I've also been experiencing headaches.  I googled this and found out about the woman in California who died drinking too much water, but that was an obsene amount like 2 gallons in three minutes or something.  Could just the amount that I've been drinking make my lower back hurt like this?  I've been spacing it out over the course of the day drinking about 20 oz. at a time with every meal.  Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you been exercising more?  Or maybe been doing activities that you wouldn't normally do?  I find that if I'm reading more, or on the computer more, or anything like that it strains my lower back.  So can sitting weird, or even sleeping weird.  Or driving for long distances.

Basically, its difficult for someone to drink too much water.  Not impossible, but difficult.  If you are concerned though, check with your doctor. 

This may not be something you agree with, but seeing a chiropractor can help too.  Different virtabrae being misaligned can cause weird symptoms, and I know when my hip gets misaligned my back becomes sore and I get headaches.

It can also be tension related...depending on where the headache lies.

I am drinking 3.5 liters a day and weigh 225 so I would think it is perfectly safe, but call your doctor!
She died from doing a Radio Station hold your Wee for a Wii.... she basically drown... I wouldn't worry about it... Drink it steady through out the day!

How much water did you used to drink?

I did a challenge on CC early on for drinking water and ended up drinking 3-4L+ a day at one point. I had gone from about 1L max to 3-4L. I was VERY woozy a lot of the time and felt bloated. I didn't feel so great ... I cut back to 2L a day which is what I currently drink and have never felt better. I have sustained this for several months now, it's a healthy and doable amount of water to consume. So, maybe cut back for a few days and see if you feel better. I don't think 3L is damaging anything physiologically but if you aren't used to it it could be a bit of a shock to the system.

If your kidney/lower back pain persists please see your doctor just in case it's something else.

I'm not sure the back thing is related to water intake. It's unlikely, but the only thing I can think of is kidney stones, but that is waaay pushing it. I'd say the amount of water you're drinking is fine, I drink about 4 liters everyday.
Thanks for all of your replies.  It's definitely my kidneys and it's definitely related to my water consumption.  One thing that I didn't keep in mind is that I eat a lot of whole grains and fruit and veggies and they contain water as well.  I know the amount of water I've been consuming is not lethal, but it sure is making my kidneys work overtime.  I agree with you, nycgirl...I'm going to cut back slightly and see if that helps.
Thanks guys!
It very well may be your water consumption.  I went to the Doc, thinking I had a urinary tract infection (which I had experienced before) was the same type of pain.  As it turned out it was not uti just drinking too much water.
YOu can actually die if you consume too much water.
Original Post by giggle_puppy:

YOu can actually die if you consume too much water.

True, but 3L will not likely do it in an adult, and it normally only occurs when you drink water in a very short time and do not allow yourself to urinate or if you drink large amounts of water after sweating extensively (hence why sport/electrolyte drinks are better for you than water if you have just worked out hard). But yes, don't overdo it.

Certainly the OP's kidneys, should they be healthy, are well capable of processing 3L of water a day. In fact the human kidneys can process up to 15L but it cannot and should not be taken in all at once. It's all about the speed of intake and allowing your body to process it and then you urinate. 

I think the OP should cut back if it's causing her problems, however, kidney pain is not normal side effect of drinking 3L and it makes me think she should go to a doctor to make sure she doesn't have a kidney infection which can be quite serious. 

Original Post by twoeyes:

She died from doing a Radio Station hold your Wee for a Wii.... she basically drown... I wouldn't worry about it... Drink it steady through out the day!

I totally remember this. It doesn't even seem like it's been that long. I thought it was only like 2 years or so ago. They had a recorded apology to the family that played every commercial break and nobody really listened to the station anymore. I couldn't remember which station it was, but I've always listened to 107.9, 103.5, and 102.5. I knew it was one of those, but I just googled it and it WAS 107.9... At any rate, I was googling back pain from too much water because that always happens to me and found this page. I didn't even realize that anybody outside of Sac heard about that. That's so weird. And now I feel like I'm not very aware of things outside where I live. Oh, by the way, she didn't "basically drown," she had water intoxication which is not really the same... At all... Drowning implies asphyxiation; water intoxication causes electrolyte loss. Sorry if I sound like a ****, but I just thought I'd get the facts straight. lol

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