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can too much water cause bloating?

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Ok so I know that bloating is basically water retention, and that drinking water is good to decrease bloating.

But here's something I've realized. I binged today, real bad (I'd guess close to 4k cals). The binge ended about 12 hours ago. So obviously my stomach has been extreeemely bloated for the past 12 hours. Several hours ago I was able to comfortably start drinking water again. So, knowing that lots of water is good after a binge, I drank alot. Like ALOT. Maybe 6 liters since then? Probably more throughout the entire day.

But anyway, although my stomach has been very very very bloated since I binged, the rest of me just began to get bloated after my water-fest. My fingers and toes are very swollen (making a fist feels like a serious strech), even the back of my knees and elbows feel funny wen I bend. Everything is swollen now. So I guess I'm wondering, is this full-body bloat an after-efect of the binge 12 hours ago, or is it somehow caused by the massive amount of water I consumed (since untill I began drinking alot of water, it was only my stomach that was swollen)??

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What did you binge on?  That's not too much water (imo) but the culprit is more likely the sodium content of what you binged on.  If that is the case, then you do need to continue to drink water as it will help to flush the sodium out - sounds odd when you are retaining water but its true.

BTW - now that the binge is over don't dwell on it too much.  We all fall off the wagon occasionally and you just need to say this is a new day and go back to your good eating habits.  Keep drinking the water and watch your sodium content over the next few days (keep it at 2400mg/day or less) and the water will go away.

I know that since the binge was very large, and also on not-so-great food, the sodium content must have been alot. But I figured that when my stomach began sticking out as if I'm carrying a 5kg block of cement, that was the result of the binge food.

I guess I was just wondering why the rest of the bloat, the swelling everywhere else besides my stomach, didnt happen untill I began drinking even more water, which was atleast 8 hours after the binge...

Oh and, I know I shouldnt dwell on it too much. Forgive and forget. I'm just curious about these little things. Although I really really wish I wouldnt have a reason to be. Gaaaah if I can just stop this stupid issue...:S

How much water will it take to stop the swelling? I know my stomach won't be back to its regular size for atleast a few days, but what about the rest of my body? It feels wierd to move because my skin feels strechy whenever I move, and walking is uncomfortable because my feet and legs are swollen too. :(

It does take time after the binge for your body to start retaining the water caused by too much sodium.  I've had it happen up to 2 days later.  Try and spread out your water intake over the day/evening - don't drink in large quantities all at once but keep a water bottle with you and sip from it throughout the day.  You can also increase your potassium and magnesium content food - they both help me.  Definitely watch the sodium content (there is so much in things we don't expect) and it will go away eventually.  The daily recommended limit is 2400 so you might want to keep it under that but not less than 1500 which is a low-sodium diet recommendation. 

The last time this happened to me I actually logged the everything (the culprit  was caesars (canadian bloody marys) which are made from clamato juice).  I was shocked when I saw exactly how much sodium I had consumed in one evening out!

Good luck!

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