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I want my period back.

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My period's been gone for I think 3 months now. It basically disappeared when I discovered this website.

I kind of refuse to accept that I'm in starvation mode. I'd say that I average anywhere from 1500-1800 calories on most weekdays, and on weekends probably more like 1900-2100. I'm 18. I work out about 5 days a week for maybe an hour or so. Other than that, I'm not extremely active; I'm a student, but I spend a whole lot of my day driving, studying, reading, on the computer, etc.

Starting in the past week or so I have deliberately tried including more fats in my diet... I've been adding spoonfuls of peanut butter to fruit at night, and in the past few days I've included a tablespoon of olive oil in my typical dinner. If this will get me results, when am I going to see them?

What else can I do? I'm afraid to eat more because admittedly I don't want to see all my weight loss efforts go down the tubes. But there is something else I do want to go down my tubes. (SORRY I COULDN'T RESIST)

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Is there the possibility of you being pregnant because 1500 calories is nowhere near starvation mode.
Absolutely no chance. Doctor tested me for that a month or so ago. Not pregnant.
I used to have my period about 3 times a year.... then I was put on birth control and have been regular ever since.  something as simple as birth control pill can do the trick.  Stress can cause you to miss your period too.  Maybe your classes are stressing you out??  your calorie intake sounds just fine. 1500 is plenty.... like maefilly said... it's nowhere near starvation mode.

good luck and take care
Hey, thanks. And nope... I'm actually less stressed now than ever (I'm a senior in high school who just got accepted to my first choice college - haven't felt this relaxed in a long time). I've always been regular, too.

What's your body fat percentage? Could be that you're trying to maintain a weight too low for what your body wants. That was the case with me - just got my period back (I've only had one since March 07)... Anyway, I went to the doctor and he told me that my weight was too low for my bone structure even if it wasn't too low on the BMI end of things. I was at 120lbs, 5'6"... he told me to gain 10. I didn't. I don't think. I've stayed away from the scales, but my estimate is about 5 as all my clothes still fit me fine. 

Anyway, don't stress too much about it. I started eating a whole lotta nuts and taking a multi-vitamin. Might help! The vitamin's also really improved my energy level. Good luck.  

Thats the way I was when I was younger. I wasnt a monthly until I was 23 or so..I think...somewhere in my early twenties.

Still go to the doctor to get a check up. When you skip 3 months it could be a health issue that would affect your bone density. But it also could just be your body is still getting settled into being an adult (my case)
Julia - Thank you for the response. I was taking that into consideration, though I really don't think it would make much sense. I haven't exactly measured my body fat lately but I'm a tiny but under 5'4" and weigh anywhere from 126-128 pounds. I'm pretty muscular, but I can definitely still find plenty of body fat to go around. Haha. Thanks for your advice though, I think I'll re-stock on my multi vitamins.
Bump. Can anyone else help out? Any other personal experiences? I feel bloated and I feel like I've gained weight this week trying to get back to normal.
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Well, I don't think this will really help you out that much but I'm basically your twin haha (minus the college thing... I'm still on pins and needles waiting to get in!!! AHHHHHH!)
But I am actually heading in the same direction as Julia I think... I have yet to become regular and only have about 3 a year. I did a bunch of bloodwork and tests for my doctor to double check and she says everything is normal, I'm just late getting adjusted. Ah well... I'm classically late everywhere in my life... might as well be late jumping on this bandwagon as well hehehe.
Anyway, if you've checked with your doctor, you're getting the correct nutrients, and you're eating enough (your diet looks great to me) then you could just be like me... healthy but late! haha
I know it doesn't help explain much , but hopefully it will make you feel a little better! =)

hey, i was somewhat relieved to find this posting. i had mostly regular periods untill i losta lot of weight, then they dissapeared for nearly a year, then my body got used to my new weight and my periods returned to normal before dissapearing when i gained a lot of weight, as im losing weight again at the minute they seem to have stopped, its been 2 months now. i did go to my doctor the first time my periods stopped and i was told i was underweight and needed to put some on, she also suggested i took evening primrose oil, its meant to help apparantly. 

basically my body seems is hyper sensitive to weight gain and loss, so the smallest amount of change can stop me from having a period, but it doesnt mean there is anything wrong with you and if you maintain you weight i am sure they will return, it just may take a while. hope this helps. 

There could be quite a few reasons that you are not having a period, weight is just one of them.  You should go to a doctor and discuss the issue with them :)

 Hey, the same thing happened to me last year.

I lost about 7 kilos which was pretty significant amount within about 3 months (i was training for this mini marathon i entered, so doing alot of running). I didnt have my period for probably 4/5 months. I didn't go to the doctor about it or anything because i was fairly positive it was just a side effect of the weight loss (i googled it). It didn't come back until a month ago when i gained a little of the weight back from doing less exercise.

If you really want your period back you'll probably have to cut down on the exercise and maybe just try to maintain your weight for now (if your not already doing this).

I'm no doctor but I'm almost your age and had the same problem so hope this helps a bit. =] 

To lose your period does not mean that you are in starvation mode. "Dieting" or "making new eating changes" can take a drastic toll on your body because it is not used to it. I can admit that I have not had my period for about a year. I had talked to my doctor after not having it for 3 months and she said to wait. About 9 months later I went back and she gave me a prescription for a medicine that will make you have your period. I took it, got it for 2 months and now it is gone again. If i were you, I would go to your doctor.

i agree to what alot of ppl have said

i lost my period when i started eating healthier and excercising

and when school came around i got really stressed and then a few weeks back i was on vacay amd i got it back, i was really relaxed the whole time... but i also ate like an absolute pig 

I have to suggest you see your doctor and ask for opinions. One can lose their period for many reasons, some serious and some maybe not so serious, so you will want to get it checked out. But from what you post above it doesn't sound like you are undereating at all or have an abnormally low body fat percentage so it must be something else. Make an appt with your gyn.
I woudn't mind losing my TOTM for a while (without being preggo)

I will agree with what a lot of people have said. I have been on diets on and off all my life. I have never had a normal period until I got lazy LOL. And now since starting this site I haven't seen it at all!


I'm not complaining though, it's nice to not have killer cramps!

I don't know if you're on it or not, but being on the Pill sometimes causes me to skip.  The first time it happened it really freaked me out!  But my doc told me that with some varieties of the Pill it's pretty common.

When I'm not on it, just being stressed out can cause me to skip one, too. 

When I started losing weight, I lost my period.  I'm in like the exact same situation as you in terms of my life.

Now I'm maintaining and I got it back.  I think it's just your body thinking it's not a good time to be having a child, since you're not getting a lot of calories.

check; also it might be stress... a lot of girls in my dorm had that problem if they were stressing.. but def get it checked...
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