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Waking up with swollen hands and feet

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Hi everyone,

Lately, every morning when I wake up my hands and feet are swollen, they feel tight, hard to move around with a slight tingly sensation... my eyes are a bit puffy too and my stomach seems bloated and not flat.

Is it fluid retention? I drink over 2L everyday and my blood pressure is perfect... if anything it may be low.. never high.

Each time I wake up feeling like this the scale doesn't go down and I plateau.

I eat lots of protein, vegetables, fruit and wholegrains everyday and have been consuming around 1350-1500 cals, I'm 21yrs old and 160cm tall.

Any info or advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks

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Whats your sodium intake like??

Whats the weather like where you are? Is it very hot? - I find that in summer, when it is very hot, i retain water a lot and the same type of thing happens to me...

How often are you peeing through out the day? do you get up to pee at night?

I haven't actually calculated my sodium intake but there isn't anything I am having which I can see being high... later on when I get a spare moment I'm going to do a CC food log and report back here.

It's Autumn here at the moment and it has been chilly...

Going to the bathroom is no problem.. I'm always going, through the day, before bed, when I wake up.

Usually when I have a problem I'm able to find out myself what is causing it and fix it but with this I'm quite stumped to be honest...

Thanks for your reply!

How long does it take for the swelling to go down ??

Ive experienced this same type of thing both in summer and winter... its also Autumn here...

For me when it happens in summer, its due to the heat... i swell up like a balloon especially when exercising....

In winter its due to chill blanes..... Makes it even more painful. My hands swell up so badly that i cant make a fist...

I duno, i would say to have a doctor check it out.... maybe get kidney functioning tested??


Thanks kayeanne, I will try and get a blood test done tomorrow morning with my doctor and see if he can figure out why it's happening.

It's almost 11am and I have been awake since 6am... swelling is still there but has gone down alot.

It may be the cold.. but I think it's better to get myself checked out Smile

I assume that your appt. is to see a general practitioner? There is a test where they take your blood pressure while squatting down, and then immediately standing up, and maybe while laying down too. It checks for certain type of kidney problem having to do with water balance and blood pressure control. Maybe you can get the Dr. to do it.

You will probably get a blood test which will check for electrolyte imbalances and overall kidney function.

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