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Waking up with headaches?

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I was curious if there is something im doing during the day that is causing me to wake up with headaches. Atleast 4 out of 7 days i wake up with this annoying headache.The rest of the days I wake up ok. Any thoughts on this?

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I got them when I didn't get breakfast. Or it may have been when I didn't have coffee... caffeine withdrawal maybe, if you do have coffee or caffeinated drinks.

It seems to work well with me when I eat breakfast (most calories of the day), a smaller lunch and then I round out the calories at dinner to not exceed my goal.  After lunch, I workout 1-1.5 hours which burns some of my previous caloric intake.

I have to say I feel pretty good and not as sluggish going from mid 3K calories down to 1500.   This works for me as I am in shape but could never drop extra pounds.  Caloric intake for me is why-- and 4 16oz bottles of water at least a day... I end up usually drinking 6 because I down 2 at the gym with my workouts.  Good luck.

Well i have coffee every morning and 1 diet fountain pop a day the rest is water.

Original Post by jessienmiller:

I was curious if there is something im doing during the day that is causing me to wake up with headaches. Atleast 4 out of 7 days i wake up with this annoying headache.The rest of the days I wake up ok. Any thoughts on this?

I suffer from them too. Maybe you have bruxism (the clenching of teeth in your sleep)?

Or maybe you need to be hydrated with a drink other than coffee. I've just begun to drink 3 pints of water a day and the effects it has on headaches is quite significant. Coffee is SO addictive but there are more cons than pros with it unfortunately..

my mom has this problem. To help she eats a spoon full of PB a bit before bed. Seems to help.

I have dealt with this problem for a long time, and a few months ago I finally had enough of it. I asked a few doctors, and they all made it pretty clear that I wasn't drinking enough water. If you increase your fluids, especially just before bed, the morning headaches should dissipate. Another problem was my dependency on caffeine; by the morning, my body "needed" caffeine so badly that I would wake up with headaches. I have since cut down dramatically on my caffeine intake, upped my water intake, and have not had nearly as many headaches in the morning. At most, 1-2 days a week I will have a dull headache as I wake up, but it is nothing compared to the horrible headaches I was waking up with almost everyday for years. 

I'd see about a complete check up with the doctor, it's always reassuring to get a clean bill of health.

Is there any relation to alcohol intake?

Or possibly caffeine headaches, the withdrawal can really be headachey.

You're not pregnant?

Are you drinking enough fluids throughout the day?

Have you cut your salt too low?  Your body does need some salts to keep hydrated.

Do you get enough sleep?

No im not pregnant,only drin maybe 1 every couple of months.I have been getting about 6-7 hours of sleep, and my sodium has been ok.

I grind/clench my teeth and didn't really notice it until I started waking up most mornings with headaches (I am not one to get headaches normally).  Is your jaw sore too?  Where are the headaches?  I notice that my grinding/clenching headaches are usually in my temples.  I sleep with a mouth guard and rarely get the headaches anymore. 

Of course, I can't be sure that this is the cause of your headaches, but it's definitely worth looking into.

Possible causes:


Dehydration; keep a water bottle near your bed.

Malnutrition; if you're depriving yourself of calories and nutrients you'll feel malaise and/or headaches.

Allergies; talk to your GP about potential allergens. ( used to wake up with a daily headache when I had a boyfriend with cats).

Surpassing a safe heartrate during exercise; if you're running too hard, your heart-rate will enter into a dangerously high zone and you'll experience headaches.

Withdrawl; if you've given up smoking or drinking or caffeine, you just need to wait it out.  Check with your GP to see if over the counter pain medications are suitable for you.

Unresolved anxiety; holiday bickering, job tasks, studies, the new year, etc.  Something may be bugging you and causing tension that manifests as headache pain.  I suggest writing down your issues/tasks/goals and schedule a date/time to address them; when you know they will be addressed you're able to release from the aching stress.

Vitamins; often starting a vitamin regimen can cause headaches as your body adjusts to the new levels.  Again, check with your GP if you're taking anything new; she will instruct you on dosage, even vitamins.

Illness; if you're suffering daily for an extended period of time, or having the worst headaches of your medical attention as soon as possible.

I hope you're able to solve your headache problems.


Best wishes.

Based on what you've said it's probably dehydration or caffeine withdrawal.  Caffeine peaks in your system about 4 hours after consumption then gradually goes away.  If you drink it in the morning, and then have another caffeinated beverage then it's probably completely out of your system around dinner time.  It just so happens that withdrawal headaches commonly occur 12-24 hours after the last intake. pduehdc/

So you have two options, have a caffeinated night cap which would most likely interfere with your sleep OR kick the caffeine habit.  It's tough, but you don't use that much and should be okay after about a week of horrible withdrawal.  I kicked about three months ago and feel so much better for it.  Less headaches, more energy, less fatigue.  It's funny that caffeine seems to cause a lot of the things that it allegedly cures.

Drinking more water and eliminating the caffeine are much cheaper than a doctor's visit and it's worth a shot because those are both healthy choices anyway.

Nobody has really meantioned sugar levels yet so I will : My ex husband found out that he was diabetic because he switched from regular coke to diet coke overnight.  Drastically reducing the sugar in his diet.  Worst persistant headaches he ever got in his life.  So I urged him to go to the doctor.  Turns out his blood sugar was on average about 13 when he was taking normal coke. Normal level is 5 or 6 I believe.  He now manages his sugar levels with his food intake.  

Myself, I get migraines because of several reasons; too much stress, estrogen levels during my special week, or if I strain my back.  My doctor has been able to suggest solutions that help alot.  :) 

Hang in there! 

Thanks to all of your advice .But here is something that may be it,my husband out of the blue yesterday asked if my teeth hurt when i wake up and i said sometimes why?He said that i grind my teeth pretty constantly in the middle of the night he also said that apparently i do it so bad that he can hear over the T.V!!

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