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Waking up feeling swollen

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Anyone else have that feeling? I'm positive it's related to what I ate the evening before I went to bed but it happens frequently I'll have restless sleep, wake up several times during the night to pee, then in the morning I'll feel swollen all over and extremely thirsty. I try to drink water throughout the day, but often will drink 2-3 cans of diet soda in the evening. I read in a health forum (not this one) that it could be due to low blood-pressure during sleep and circulatory problems causing fluids/blood to pool in the extremities?? This kind of worries me, anyone else have similar feelings?

The only reason I think the low blood pressure might be accurate is because when I go to donate blood/blood test my blood pressure always drops suddenly and I come close to passing out. Same thing happens if I go without eating for long periods of time (which doesn't happen too often). I've never been diagnosed with diabetes, hypoglecemia or any other blood sugar disorder, and according to my BMI I'm slightly obese (so I'm not underweight by any means).

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You should probably go back to your doctor and tell them all of the above.  Medical conditions can creep up on you gradually over time.   It does sound as though your blood-pressure needs to be checked again, for example.   Do you know if you snore when you're asleep?  That can lead to a dry mouth in the mornings.

In the meantime, keep trying to bring your weight down and also make sure you get half an hour of exercise a day.  This helps in a lot of ways including your blood-sugar levels and your blood-pressure.  Watch your salt and sugar intake carefully and keep them both below the recommended levels.   Diet sodas shouldn't really give you problems but, if you don't want to wake up all night, perhaps don't drink anything in the last hour before you go to bed.

Good luck.

Again, thanks for the reply :) During my last visit to the doctor he checked my blood pressure and said it was normal and healthy. (Mind you he is my new family doctor so he didn't have much to compare my current weight/health with) But after my checkout he just said, congratulations keep doing what you're doing. *shrug* He didn't tell me to lose weight or to watch for anything. He seemed attentive and friendly and answered all my questions. I don't snore during sleep but have a tendancy to clench my teeth.

Here in Quebec at the pharmacy we have machines where you can check your blood pressure for free and usually while my boyfriend and I wait for my prescription we check out pressures and they are both normal.

My feeling is maybe that I'm eating too close to bedtime. Yesterday for example I had supper at 8pm and was so tired by 9 that I was in bed. But good advice, I'll try working out regularly and drinking less before bed and see if it improves. Thanks ;)

I don't usually chime in on these posts but I saw a couple of warning signs that should send you right back to your doctor.  Anyone who is slightly obese and begins to experience frequent urination and frequest thirst needs to tell this to their doctor.  These are classic first symptoms of diabetes.  We have two diabetics in my household and for both these were the first signs that something was wrong.  Please make sure you talk to your doctor about this.

I hope this is not the case but better safe than sorry on this issue.  Also, good job on trying to get heathier!

You've been given great advice above.  And I am NOT a doctor.  That being said, if I eat relatively high sodium foods at night, I wake up with swollen fingers/knees/ankles.  I'd suggest looking at your sodium intake, especially in the evening, and seeing if that is related at all.  If so, drink a bit more WATER - not diet soda - before bed.

Just my 2 cents.

I feel the same way if I eat too much sodium at dinner, swollen thirsty, tired.

Stella- I am a Diabetes Educator and extreme thirst and frequent urination can be signs of Diabetes. You could go back to your doctor and get screened if this is really a frequent issue for you. Especially if you have other risk factors for diabetes such as a family history are overweight, etc. You seem young, but we are seeing type 2 diabetes in children under the age of 16 more and more often these days.

It could also just be a reaction to the caffeine in the diet soda or your sodium intake as well. Try cutting back on caffeine and salt and see if that helps.

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