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Vitamins needed for women?

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I take a multivitamin every day but is that enough?   If you were to make up a "pack a day" vitamin pack what would you put in it?  For example, I hear everyone talk about Fish Oil - would you put this in your pack?

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Hmmm, I'm not schooled on every vitamin so I'm sure I would skip a lot of things just out of ignorance. But for sure, I would include fish oil especially because I don't eat fish. I would also include calcium and Vitamin D for sure. I was vitamin D deficient for a while and it sucks the life outta you. I'm sure there are plenty of other good vitamins I would throw in there if I really looked at, but for me, those are my essentials.

Vitamin B also gives you energy, I think. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system.

Personally, I can't take fish oil pills because of my freakishly low blood pressure, so I wouldn't. But if you don't have problems with low blood pressure, they are definitely beneficial.

Generally, if you're eating a well balanced diet, you shouldn't need any supplements.

I agree with the above... If you're under 50, not medically unwell, not pregnant & getting a balanced diet with a good variety of different foods then you really don't  need supplements at all.   Start with 5-a-day fruit and vegetables and work out from there.

This website.. onessentials/vitaminsandminerals/ has a very good list of all the main vitamins and minerals.  If you look through it you can see which foods provide what vitamins and then try to include some of them in your diet every day.

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