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Vitamins make me sick

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So I have been feeling a complete lack of energy lately. I've been eating right, maybe not drinking as much water as I need in hot humid Florida, and not having enough energy in the day to make it to my workouts. It's really disapointing me and making me depressed. So I thought maybe I'm not getting all the vitamins I need. I keep trying to take multi vitamins and Bs with my breakfast but every single time I do I get really sick. I feel like I'm out of options. What do I do?

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Mine make me sick if I don't take them with a full meal, so I take them after lunch, when I eat more than I do at breakfast.  Chased by a big glass of water.  I also don't take them every day.

If that doesn't help, maybe try a different brand.

You're probably on to something. My breakfast does tend to be a smaller meal. I'll try them after lunch tomorrow. Thanks.

I too take my vitamin pill after a meal. Mine contains iron and that upsets my tum.

I used to have the same problem. I was taking adult vitamin (non chewables) and they would wreck my stomach. Finally on a whim I tried children's gummy vitamins and it made a world of difference. I think it may be bc I am on the smaller side and the adult dose was just too much. Who knows, but maybe you could try that!

Cucpcake's onto something, too many of certain vitamins can make you feel sick and Vitamin B is one of them. I have to take a B12 supplement and the doctor told me to take 100mcg/day which made me nauseous no matter what I ate with it. I went down to 50mcg/day and I have no problem, he checked the B12 in my blood and said I was right in range on the smaller dose.

You might want to consider seeing a nutritionist or asking if your doctor can have some blood tests done to check you vitamin/nutrient levels; it could be you are taking too much of certain things and your body is protesting.

I take adult gummies.  They are full of adult vitamins, but offer the tastiness of a kids gummy.  They don't hurt my stomach and it's a bit of a treat.  However, if you have an immense sweet tooth beware taking more than the two required.

If they make you feel sick, don't take them. You may want to try a variety of brands (I've experienced some general vitamin pills that make me throw up buckets full an hour later, but the individual vitamins seem to be alright).

My advice is that if you are eating a varied and balance diet, you should not need supplements. If you are aware of any decifiencies in your diet (i.e. if your diet is lacking due to food intolerance or ethical choices, such as low calcium in vegans and lactose-intolerants) then by all means, take a supplement specific to that nutrient.

But on the whole, if you're eating well (and eating enough for your activity level), your diet is probably not the cause of your tiredness.

I have had good luck with adult gummies and even chewable flinstones. Most adult daily multivitamins are too large, taste and smell bad, make me sick, give me too much of one thing and not enough of another and make my urine smell horrible. All my friends say that part is in my head but it can't be only me affected by that in the whole world. Blech! It took me time to find something that worked for me and even though I'm considering upping the gummies (feel like I have room for improvement on that front) it's worked great especially against all the bad things with the others. Also, do you go to a specialty store for your vitamins or is it just walmart or whatever?
I've tried so many different kinds. I've bought them from fancy health food stores, the vitamin shops, and public. They all seem to affect me in the same way. I have tried the gummy vitamins also and u loved them but my boyfriend convinced me that they're more like candy than vitamins. Do you think they work well and are worth the extra money?

The whole too large dose thing is making sense to me. I'm 5'1 and 123 pounds so I'm kinda small. Maybe it's too much for me?

I'm 5'1 and 130, so a little bigger than you, but the 2 gummies work well for me.  Of course, I have a pretty tolerant body.  Yes, they are a bit like candy... they have 5-15 calories per 2 gummies (not bad in terms of candy).  But the point is they are giving you nutrients you may be lacking.  Nutrients that a woman's body may need to prevent diseases like osteoporosis and cancers.  I started taking them to make my hair grow healthier and stronger (don't ask, I got a bad hair cut and have a wedding in about 60 days).  But it's your own personal priority.  I believe it's worth the $8 for 90 vita-gummies. 

I've noticed the right vitamin gives me energy too!  I'm tired a lot since dieting and cutting sodas out of my diet so any leg up is appreciated for me.

I've noticed healthier hair and nails and the only reason I am thinking of increasing the number of gummies is because I am not feeling more energized or as "with it" as I think I should be. This is only a trial since there are many other possibilities as to why I feel or don't feel the way I do. I think the benefits of the gummies far outweigh the negatives (candy-ish and whatnot) because I know I need the extra boost in nutrients. I know we all try to make sure we're making balanced, healthy food choices but you can't win all the time. At least I can't. I'd rather eat the extra 15 calories to make sure I'm covered on the vitamins front.

I also had good luck with an herbal store once a couple of years back. The lady did a pretty lengthy free private consult about my lifestyle, medical history, family history and what I'm looking for and I walked out with an armload of good stuff. I just couldn't afford it. Maybe a personal consult is up your alley?

I am small too, and take my multi at night just before I go to sleep, with plenty of water to dilute it. That way, if it makes me sick, I never know about it. I wake up full of energy since I started doing it that way. I take the Alive brand one a day with no iron, because I've learned that we really don't need all that iron. Also iron can cause constipation. No body needs that!

You may want to look into the time of day that you are taking your vitamins.  For example, it's best to take calcium supplements right before bed so your body can absorb all of its goodness while you rest.  I used to take my B vitamins, calcium, and a multi-vitamin in the morning.  I have now switched to just before bed and have zero side effects. Good luck!

Yes, same here, very sick if I take in the morning, but like bamobor, absolutely no problem if I take after evening meal and just before bed. I still believe it's better to get all your nutrients naturally from food, but modern life doesn't always make that possible, so just for insurance really, I take one single multi-vit and mineral, and I find it does make a difference. I notice if I don't for a while (for example, if I run out and don't restock immediately). But take at night!

multi-vitamins are great, but they have extra things in them sometimes to hold them together and that might be what is making you sick. I used to take a lot of pills in the morning too, and then I would throw up. But if I take the liquid capsule or gummy versions of these pills I barely get sick at all, especially if you space out the pills during the day; take a few at breakfast, a few at lunch, and then at dinner.


also; you can only absorb 50% of your daily calcium at a time. So if you take 100% at once it's a waste, anyway. I think it's better to take smaller doses, like in those calcium chews, a couple times a day.

I take mine at night before I go to bed to eliminate the upset tummy. It works great for me and I never miss taking my vitamins.

Have your blood checked by a doctor to see if you need to be taking vitamins at all--and see why your energy is down.  You probably are getting enough with a varied and balanced diet.  Sometimes its hard to get enough B vitamins and those are the ones that make you nauseous.  I have graduated to a sublingual B 12, dissolves under your tongue, which is the only one I need, after a meal and it doesn't upset my stomach at all. 

Vitamins also have made me feel queasy... I take mine while eating food and drink plenty of water with it....that has helped me , Plus I am taking a different brand than i had, that may make a difference too....

Have you had your thyroid tested lately?  I was lacking energy and thought it was just because I was getting older.  My T4 was too low and I now have to take a thyroid medication.  My energy level is back to my normal.  I have had problems taking vitamin pills, they upset my stomach so I don't take them any more. 

My doctor told me you should be getting your vitamins from your food, they are better absorbed.  You can get a blood test that tells you what vitamins you are low in so if you really need iron or vitamin D then that shows up and only have to take those vitamin supplements, or add foods with those vitamins to your daily diet.  But as someone who works in the medical field, if you are feeling so tired all the time, maybe you should get checked out by a doctor, there could be a variety of reasons why.

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