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Very personal, gross and embarassing woman question. Discharge?

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Ok well I can't believe I'm even posting this but I'm kinda freaked out and being as this is the internet I feel more comfortable talking to a bunch of strangers than somebody I see daily. Anyhow I just went to the bathroom and had a huge piece of what looked like thick snot come out of me! I mean I've had regular discharge before but this was not that! It was VERY thick and booger like and gross! I'm afraid this may be a sign of pregnancy due to the fact that I sorta missed my perios last month. Well not really missed it but it was late and very short. Anyhow does anybody have any ideas? I'm sorry if this offends or grosses out anyone!
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THat is normal. You are most likely ovulating. Have you been experiencing any cramping the last few days?
Double check with your ob/gyne if it has a bad odor or is green or yellow in color, ok?

Actually some cramping yes but I mean I've been ovulating for YEARS and it's never been that thick!!

No bad odor it was kinda greenish looking, it looked like thick snot! Like it should have come out of my nose not my privates! Again, sorry for the gross detail.
*Bump* Any other suggestions to what it may be?
If it was yellow or green - odorless or not - it is most likely an infection. Now, don't freak out on your bf and accuse him of cheating just yet, because there are infections that are not STDs, so it may simply be one of those. But DO get to the doctor ASAP, okay?
it could also be a yeast infection, but youl usaly be ichy with that. but get it checked out
I'm with the normal vote. Unless it smells, is colored, or softly hums an 80's tune. I'm a complete freak about myself with this stuff, too. What birth control are you on?
You should maybe run it by your doctor.  Where you didn't have a period last month, it could be what you are thinking.  If you begin cramping and heavy bleeding, make sure call your doctor or go to the ER.  

Hope everything is okay.   
Considering it isn't a discharge you have normally had before (color, amount and consistency have changed), I would definitely make a OB/GYN appointment. Yeast infections are normally associated with itchiness and white thick discharge not green or yellow. It could be bacterial vaginosis or some other infection. Make sure to get a pregnancy test also at the doc office.

In any case, don't worry, if it's abnormal it can be treated. women/reproductive/vaginal/194.html arg1/a/vaginaldischarg.htm arg1/f/seedocvagdis.htm
First, you really should check with a doctor.  It's better to have an exam and make sure everything is ok than to worry about it.  And if there is even the slightest chance that you are pregnant, better to get the test and be sure.

That said, do you have a cold or do you have allergies?  I know it sounds gross, but the vagina is a mucus membrane, and I've noticed that when I am having serious allergy troubles it effects there as well as my sinuses!
I agree with the rest of the didnt mention it was greenish in color. I would go to the doc stat.
I've had some very strange discharges while doing my treatments ( various). Are you taking any new meds? Hormones? changed you vitamine? anything? If you experience this again, please see you gp.........

might be nothing, but it's better to be on the safe side
Hello everybody. I did take a pregnancy test and it came back negative so it is probably some kind of infection. However my breast are extra-sensitive lately so I still could be pregnant. Either way I will be making an appointment with my ob-gyn for next month. By then I should know for sure if I'm pregnant or not. Thank you all so much for your help!
I made an appointment with my gyno for this Thursday, wish me luck!
Good luck! And post back when you get the results. When I started missing my periods I did ALOT of reading on the matter and what I read was that almost everything is normal. If it's the same color and odor, just thicker, it's normal.
Good luck! Hopefully it's just something normal, not anything bad. Don't pregancy tests detect pregnancy after you've been pregnant for 2 weeks?

-Lemon Jello
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