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Veiny arms a bad sign??

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Hi Just wondering Ive had troulbe with my eating etc... over the last year and a half and my weight is still down a samll bit as far as I know,well ill find out next week because I get weighed. Just wondering is really veiny hands and arms a sign that you are still underweight or can it be natural?

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I've noticed it most particularly on people who are very active, or naturally fit. I never used to have it, but since I started working out a lot, especially with strength/muscle training, my arms become quite veiny very easily. It could be from this, & if not, then I really have no idea hun! Sorry, but I hope it all works out for you. : ) Good luck with your results.

If you can see your veins thats fine, mostly, however it can mean that your skin is very thin and weak due to not getting enough nutrients, and normally you wouldnt see alot of veins in your forearms. If your veins pop out that means your body fat percentage is very low. Mostly this is due to over exercising and is considered a good thing, but there are more problems associated with low body fat than with being a few pounds heavier. Men who have very toned bodies often have popping out veins, which isnt so bad for them because womens bodys were built to have extra body fat for carrying babies.

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My brother in law, a doctor said the visibleveins are due to being thin, fitness, hydration (well hydrated) and genetics. They are more visible when the temperature is warm.

Im a healthy weight but i get this when im very hot, even if im hydrating, even during a meal, it seems to come about hwne im hot and especially when im hot+stressed, like at work! lol

It may mean that you need to gain a little more weight, but it could also mean that you just need to wait a little longer.  My arms/hands/feet/etc still looked kind of veiny even when I reached a healthy weight, but now they look normal.

Weightlifting casues me to have ultra veiny hands and arms. For me, it's a sign of good fitness.

There are two sides to your question and on one side of the coin veiny arms and/or legs is a sign of being physically active.  The other side is that is also means you may have a low percentage of bf.  Me for example I have been athletic my whole life thus my veins are be visible in my calf muscles, biceps and forearms.   However when I was anorexic they were more visible and rather unsightly.  The other factors you need to take into account are genetics.  My family for example are all lean and respond to exercise very well even after one class of weight training. Every ones body will respond differently to exercise...thus if you are weight training the veins respond to the blood circulation and are more noticable after a workout and in the heat.   It MAY also mean that you have a low body fat (the subcutaneous level)  percentage.  But too much exercise and/or visible veins because of this and low body fat isn't necessarily a good thing.  Constantly buldging veins aren't a good sign and may mean other health related problems.

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