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Veins in my arms are sticking out! Normal?!?!

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Hi, I'm a semi-recovered anorexic, as in I'm pretty close to my healthy weight and have been for quite some time now. My period's back, etc etc :) The thing is, throughout the entire time I was recovering, I noticed things about my body that were not? there before :/ like I have reaaaaally long hair on the back of my forearms--I don't think it's lanugo, I live in a tropical climate and I'm more often than not I'm hot than cold! BUt maybe I'm wrong? And to get to the point, the veins on the back of my hands (like you know where you can see the metacarpals? I think? move when you wriggle your fingers) and on my forearms protrude. Is this normal for some people regardless of weight (I noticed really underweight and sick people are all veins and everything D: NOT NICE) or...?

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I am considered a normal weight and I pretty athletic. I have pretty large protruding veins in my lower forearms. Some peoples veins just stick out more then others. That's why nurses have a hard time finding veins on some people to draw blood. 

It depends on the person.  My mother and I both have very veiny hands and arms--always have, always will.  She's overweight, and I used to be, but we don't gain on our lower extremities so we have bony, veiny, hands and arms no matter what.  You can see veins all the way up both of my arms even though I'm normal/healthy weight and don't have any health issues (no high blood pressure, etc.).


im anorexic too and the veins on my hands and arms stick out soooo much it looks like i have alien arms! they stick out mostly after ive been in the heat or later in the day after ive drank a lot of liquid for the day

Even though I'm not slim I also have "sticky" veins.  Don't worry part of it is genetic. Of course that when you get to your healthy weight they probably won't protrude so much but you will still be able to see them.

Some of this also depends on what you use your hands for. A friend of mine, who was quite thin but healthily so, whenever he would work our, doing chinups or things that used his arms extensively, after he finished his veins stuck out like 1/4 inch or more. It was kinda crazy, but when he hadnt worked out for a while, they didnt stick out near that much, so if you use your arms to lift things constantly, that might be part of what is going on. But genetics is probably the biggest part of what is happening. Hope that helped, not to mention made sense.

Thank you:) I was getting a lot of comments and I was worried!

for me it really went away when i dont back to a healthy weight,  its funny when i was semi recovered and i would restrict for 1 or two days i would notice the veins in my hands as one of the first sins i was getting sick again,  so i would up the calories to gain,  now that i am at a real healthy weight i dont have it,  i think it makes people look older and i really dont like it on myself.

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