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What can you do for a UTI besides antibiotics?

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sorry guys. I have too many health problems and questions these days and I need your support.

I got a phone call from my doctor that I have UTI and  she prescribed  antibiotics.

What else can I do for that infection besides taking antibiotics? anyone has any ideas? I googled for more information but did't get that much on what I wanted to know.


the funny thing is I learnt about all these problems when I went to my doctor for a physical and I was even lazy to go.:)

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I used to get them quite a few years ago and there are a few preventative things you can do.

Drink cranberry juice.  Also, AZO makes a urinary tract health supplement.  Other than that, not much else that I know.

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Drink lots of cranberry juice.  Preferably unsweetened or fruit juice sweetened.  Stay away from refined sugar as the bacteria thrive on it.

thanks so much. I heard about the " power" of cranberry juice before. I also read that sugar is the enemy when you fight candida.. are you saying that any kind of bacteria ( including the ones that cause UTI) thrive on sugar? one must follow a very strict sugar free diet then?

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I don't know much about the sugar - UTI connection, but I did have a spate of several UTIs in about a year's span, so I think I can safely say that although cranberry juice *might* help prevent one, it won't do much to cure one. I never had much pain with mine, but there's a specific pain medication you can take if you're in pain. However, don't ignore this! I once waited a day or so after I first started noticing symptoms, because I was busy and didn't want to take the time to go wait at the doctor's office, and by the time I did go see someone, I ended up in the ER with a kidney infection. Much more painful, more expensive and even less fun. Blech.

can't believe i have to say this: do what your doctor told you to do. 

Original Post by pgeorgian:

can't believe i have to say this: do what your doctor told you to do. 

 x2. The only way to clear out an infection is with antibiotics. Unless, you want it to spread to your kidneys and bladder, and have a bigger mess than you have now. To prevent, always pee before AND after sex, and drink cranberry juice or take a cran. supplement regularly.

You can get cranberry pills in the vitamin section of the drugstore.  I had a blip in university where I was super stressed and I would get a UTI if I so far as looked at my hoo-ha wrong, and after I took cranberry pills I haven't had a single one.  That was about 2 years ago.

But, I wasn't treating the actual infection with these pills, so get thee to a doctor asap and take some of those amazing pills that make you pee orange.  And relieve the pain and infection and stuff too.

Original Post by pgeorgian:

can't believe i have to say this: do what your doctor told you to do. 

 pg, I asked what else BESIDES antibiotics I can do? my doctor didn't say anything except taking the antibiotics. she is very busy and don't talk that much. I was thinking that sharing a bathroom with others is not a good idea for me or even using the public restrooms?  maybe wash and clean the area everyday with soap and warm water? or maybe it doesn't help? I don't know. I mean what else I can do to help fighting this?

The infection is inside you, not on the outside.  Even though that outside area may be the painful part. 

Sharing a bathroom is not usually a problem, keeping the area clean is always a good idea.  But I would suggest using a mild soap without any perfumes or anything. 

Take the anti-biotics and make sure you get plenty of fluids. 

Edit:  Also, if you are sexually active that can be a factor in getting UTIs.  Urinating after having sex has been said to help with preventing UTIs. 

thanks, Karozel. It sounds like there is not  much to do besides taking the antibiotics.

take the medicine, then to prevent a new infection drink lots of water & cranberry juice, pee before & after sex (as someone already said) & every now & then drink water with some baking soda mixed in. it helps to alkalize your urine whereas when you have an infection your urine has become very acidic.

There's a preventive yeast pill that I used to take. Similar to the AZO one, I found it in CVS (a drugstore in the US). Yogurt with live cultures will also work. The basic idea is to ensure you have 'good bacteria' available to populate the vaginal area.

I learned the hard way to pee after sex, EVERY TIME, even if you don't feel the need to go. Force yourself! Take extra strength AZO... it works and works fast. Also, Ocean Spray 100% cranberry juice, NOT the juice cocktail. Chug it and within a few days you'll feel better!

When I was a teenager it felt like I had a UTI every month.  Here are a few things I did in addition to the antibotics that seemed to help them clear up faster.

1 no baths

2 increase fluid intake a LOT(2-3 times normal)

3 loose cotton panties

I feel like I am forgetting something but thats basically helped me feel better faster.

good luck

Another thing I just remembered, no bubble baths or bath salts. 

oh no :( no bubble baths or bath salts for me? :(  why? I like to take them to relax.

thanks anyway.

Welp, I'm not a medical professional or nothing. But I had a bad UTI 1 month ago and I took this product and no I don't endorse this product or say it's better than your doctor. All I'm saying is,  I tried it, and it worked for me. I took the powder along with a lot of water......Maybe it will work for you , mabye it won't. I took the powder along with some crandberry tablets, as directed. Good luck

thank you , bootser:) i will give it a try. how have you been?

just okay, how bout yourself?

I am very well. just UTI nothing seriousWink

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