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Possible TMI question alert, sorry! :)

I've never had a urinary tract infection, so I don't know what they feel like, but here are my symptoms:

-starting last night, feeling like I have to pee a lot more, got home around 6:30, had to pee three times before bed, then had to get up twice during the night to go. And now I've had to go at least 8 times today already...

-some lower abdomen discomfort, kinda like mild menstrual cramps

-some pain while peeing, not the whole time, but just at the very end when the last bit is coming out (too much info, I know!)

-feeling like not everything is coming out when I go

So....what do you guys think? Anyone with any experience with UTIs? Is this something I need to get checked out ASAP, or is it ok to wait a few days and see if it gets better?


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Hey, I have loads of experience with UTI's. It sounds like you might have one. If going to the doctor is not conveinent, you may want to pick up an at-home test (get one that tests for two different things present in your pee...I can't remember the names). It's not going to kill you to wait one or two days for it to clear up as it is possible it's not a UTI. For me, the tell-tale sign was always that I felt like I had to pee and I didn't actually have to. I don't usually have too much burning/pain while going, but I know that's common. Also, (TMI!!!!) my pee is a discolored, like darker, more concentrated...and cloudy. Also there can be some blood present (a tiny amout). If you go to the doctor, they give you bactrim or an equal antibiotic, and you'll feel better within a day or two and take them for 7-10 days or so. Definitely go if you aren't back to normal in a few days because they will NOT go away on their own and they'll lead to kidney infections. In the mean time, drink plenty of water. Feel better!

Oh god, I've had such bad experiences with UTI's! There was one time when I had it twice in one summer! TMI, but is there a burning sensation when you go? LOL

The best thing I advise you to do is drink PLENTY of cranberry juice (i drank about 2 bottles) and water.

Hopefully the fluids help. I would give it a couple days and if it doesn't work with the help of fluids, I would advise to see a doctor. Good luck!

If the pain you're experiencing is just a mild 'twinge' you may be able to treat yourself with 'Cystisis relief powders', lots of fluids and cranberry juice.  However.... if it doesn't clear up in a day or so, if the pain is very sharp, if you have abdominal cramps and if you're getting any traces of blood in your urine go to see your doctor IMMEDIATELY.    Left untreated, cystitis can turn into a very nasty kidney infection and you really don't want that.

Sounds like you could have the start.  First thing to do - march yourself to a health food store and get some natural cranberry juice.  The acids in it kill the bacteria that cause the discomfort and pain. It just a quick fix to ease the pain if you can't get into the doctor right away.

You should also go get it checked out at  the doctor - because even if the cranberry juice works... you could still have the lingering bacteria that can give you a flare up any time.

I hate UTI's.  I now drink natural cranberry juice every week - just a glass to keep the pipes clean.  Its gross (way too strong and bitter) but it works 100x better than something like ocean spray.

Unfortunatley I get the kind that  burn like you are pee'ing razor blades... not fun!  Keep drinking lots of fluids to flush it thru your system.

What you describe could be either an inflammation of the bladder which will go within 24 hours (aka plain old cystitis: annoying but not ridiculously painful), or it could become a urinary tract infection that needs treatment with antibiotics. I think if it's a UTI, you'll know as it will be unbelievably painful, as vollard says it feels like you're peeing razor blades. If it gets much worse, try not to panic -- instead, seek out medical treatment, take your antibiotics for the full course and you should be feeling much better within 36 hours. Whatever it is, good luck - UTIs are not fun (it makes me anxious just thinking about them), but you WILL get through this and feel like yourself again. So many of us go through this turmoil way too often and it is no picnic (understatement of the century?!).

Sounds like how I felt when I had a UTI. It was horrible. I felt like I had to pee all the time, then basically nothing came out, or when it did it hurt soooo badly. I drank lots and lots of cranberry juice and water and I think that mostly kinda flushed it out of my system. I did go see a dr, but by then it was mostly gone. They did give an an antibiotic prescription tho. Just take care of yourself, drink lots, see a dr, and it shouldn't stick around too long.

I would go get a test just to be sure. I had a UTI before but never even knew it. I didn't realize that I had to pee more often than usual until it was too late. I had the worst lower back pains and ended up going to the ER and turns out my untreated UTI became a kidney infection. I had no other symptoms other than peeing more than usual. Get a test from the pharmacy, you do not want a kidney infection! Embarassed

Thanks for the replies!! I think I'm gonna go get it checked out....I don't feel horrible, and I don't have any of this "peeing razor blades" feeling some of you mentioned (OUCH!!) yet, thank goodness! However, something just doesn't feel right, so it's probably better to get it checked out, just in case.

Thanks again for the advice, I really appreciate it! 

UTIs are usually primarily characterized by stinging (I've had one before, ugh), so if you're going too often, getting cramps, and feeling like you haven't gone completely, perhaps you have an over-active bladder... have you been drinking more water lately or eating more fruit/veggies?

Then again, I would go to a doc. If you're experiencing even a bit of burning, it could be an infection.

I used to get UTIs a lot. My doctor told me to stock up on cranberry tablets and take them when I started feeling one coming on, they're more concentrated than juice and don't contain any sugar, which can dehydrate you more. Drink lots and lots of water. If it doesn't go away see a doctor ASAP! I've had a kidney infection before...not fun.

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I'm surprised by how many people just wait for a UTI to go away on it's own! For some reason I am unusually susceptible to UTIs and typically get one a year or so. Your symptoms definitely sound like a UTI and there is no reason to suffer even a little and more importantly risk something worse like a kidney infection.  Go to the doctor!  You can usually go to urgent care, or I think some Walgreen's have small clinics that deal with just this type of very common problem which is simple to clear up.  They can give you something for the burn and an antibiotic. 

ohman, UTIs are the WORST. I feel your pain haha.

Definitely go to the doctor, but until then, cranberry cranberry cranberry. If you go out & get some cranberry tablets & start taking them when you're first getting symptoms, it often will not even get to the point of a UTI.

HATE UTIs, but I have a lot of experience with them too.  My main symptom is that for a day or two I feel like my bladder is about to burst at all times, even though 90% of the time I don't have to pee at all.  I try and I try but nothing comes out.  It starts out as a slight discomfort until I'm literally crying in my bed and dosing myself with NyQuil to fall asleep.  Sometimes it stings a little to pee, and it can feel like the urine is a bit warmer than usual (Sorry for the details! I know it's gross!) 

For the past 2 years I've probably gotten at least 1 or 2 a year...and probably because I'm sexually active now. I usually try to sleep though it, but you should be drinking lots of water and lots of cranberry juice (not the sweet juice from concentrate, but actually 100% cranberry juice).  It's a little bitter, but not disgusting by any means.

Hope that helped!

Sounds like one to  me.  It's ok to wait it out a few days (I inevitably start feeling symptoms on Friday - it's like having the air conditioner go out right before a 3-day weekend or something.  Murphy's Law).  But, if your lower back starts hurting or if you have blood in your urine or start spiking a fever, you may want to go on into a clinic.  If you wait too long it could turn into a kidney infection.  

If you do decide to wait it out, in the meantime, you can buy AZO (90 mg) at Walmart for the pain.  Bottom shelf under the first aid stuff.  And, sometimes under the vitamins.  Works in about 20 minutes.  GOOD stuff.  Drink lots of water and cranberry juice (not cranberry cocktail).  Believe it or not, the more water you drink and more often you go, the less it burns.  I guess it's dilutes the urine more.  

I've had kidney stones twice, and both times, they started out like a UTI.  That's what I thought I had the first time until, well, TMI - rocks emerged.  LOL!  So, if you start seeing blood, it could be a small kidney stone working it's way out.   

Peeing razor blades.  LOL!  I used to always sit there and scream NAPALM at the top of my lungs. 

u have most likely have a uti go to the doctor asap so it dosnt spread to the kidnys or bladder. they will right out a script for some cheep antibiotics and after taking those you will feel better in the next day or two. uti do realy suck
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