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Under the skin pimple that will not go away

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Hi, I'm 20, and I have had this horrible under the skin pimple for almost two months now. It's fairly small in diameter but really hard and thick, when I touch it, it hurts. For the first month it was deep under the skin, couldn't see it but I could still feel it, in the last month it seems to have gotten a little smaller and it came up close to the surface so now you can see it. It's gotten to the point where I'm afraid that it will never go away. It's not pop able, and it feels like it's a rock, as though there's no fluid inside. I've had these before but there always went away within a few weeks. What exactly are they and is there any way to get rid of them safely?

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Go to a dermatologist. Get it checked. Perhaps he can do one of those shots that make it go away in like a day?


smile- It sounds like an ingrown hair to me.  Where is it (if you dont mind me asking)?  I get one once in a while and it takes a LONG time to go away, but eventually does.  You just have to watch and make sure it's not infected (I guess oozing of puss would indicate that). 

I FREAKED out the first time I had one.  Good thing my cousin gets the same thing and reassured me it would be okay.  I waited it out about 3+ weeks and it finally went away. 


It's on my chin, which isn't out of the ordinary, my chin is constantly breaking out.

Hmmm, in that case, I would agree with the previous posters advice and maybe go to a dermatologist.  Or you can make an appointment with your family doctor and if they can't tell you, they will refer you to a dermatologist. 

If it were somewhere on my face, I would be more careful about treating it.

Good luck!

You could always try a hot cloth on it to see if it will come to a head...or in the case of an ingrown hair it will surface enough to remove...put a hot cloth on the area for 10 or so minutes.

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See a doctor.  It could be a pimple or ingrown hair, but it could also be a cyst.  If it is, then the hot cloth method could cause it to become infected.  Small cysts can be removed at the doctor's office with a local anaesthetic.

Severeacne vulgaris is characterized by nodules and cysts:

Nodules: As opposed to the lesions mentioned above, nodular acne consists of acne spots which are much larger, can be quite painful, and can sometimes last for months. Nodules are large, hard bumps under the skin's surface. Scarring is common. Unresolved nodules can sometimes leave an impaction behind, which can flare again and again. Absolutely do not attempt to squeeze such a lesion. You may cause severe trauma to the skin and the lesion may last for months longer than it normally would. Dermatologists often have ways of lessening swelling and preventing scarring, such as injecting the lesion with cortisone.

Cysts: An acne cyst can appear similar to a nodule, but is pus-filled, and is described as having a diameter of 5mm or more across. They can be painful. Again, scarring is common with cystic acne. Squeezing an acne cyst may cause a deeper infection and more painful inflammation which will last much longer than if you had left it alone. Dermatologists often have ways of lessening swelling and preventing scarring, such as administering a cortisone shot.

I had this only a few at one time but they where there to stay.I was prescribed Roacutain and they went few scars but its better than it was.

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Clearasil.  I have adult acne just like that and I start applying clearasil sparingly twice a day (after each wash) as soon as I notice them when they are still deep and haven't even raised their ugly little heads yet.  Grr they are the worst and I feel ya, Sweets.

That one may take a trip to the Dermitologist but I would try the clerasil first for a week and see.

Give it time to is probably a boil....and under the skin pimple where the pore of it is deeply embedded in the boil.  Sometimes they take forever to finally raise to the outer skin.  The are a nuisance.  I would still see a dermatologist. 

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