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when u binge do u poop a lot?????

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I know this is gross. But I just wanted feedback from other.

When you binge do you poop alot and i mean ALLOT haha..

like ive been on this binge fest (not good) for 3 days and i must poop like a million times a day

obviously binging isnt good for you, but I was wondering does this happen to anyone else??

Ive also heard that sometimes ur ingesting too much food and ur digestive system isnt use to it, so it cant digest it easily so u poop it out (is this true)

pleasseee let me know if everyone else does #2 quite a bit wen they binge.

IM SOOO SORRY in addvance for this gross poste , but u guys are great and always help out when needed!
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well i don't, but when i binge alot i wish i did lolz cause i wanna get all that stuff i ate out of my system liked i'd drink milk and think it would help me go to the bathroom but it doesnt and ends up adding more calories to my binge haha.
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rubester668 , milk is one of the major causes of constipation haha . might wanna try something else to help it . lol prune juice or something haha
really ? anyone else have an experience to shar with going #2 & binging, do those happen with youuu


I normally have horrible constiptation but after a binge it all comes out.
I believe it's because your body is not used to all the fat that you consume on a binge and it just wants it gone.

I usually do but I'm Celiac so anything that slightly disrupts my internal balance makes me 'go'
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Why do people always apologize for poop questions? It cracks me up...I mean, we're human, and we poop. So what?

When I binge, I normally try to at least not consume a bunch of bread  or cereal or cheese or something like that cause I know it'll stop me up for days and make me feel worse. So, I guess it depends on what I've binged on. I do drink a ton of water ( I drink lots anyway, but especially so if I've really blown it) and that helps things move along.

So, the short answer for me is, yes, I tend to poop it all out in short order after a binge.
Hi guys! My name is Dan and i poop after binging. I don't like the full feeling at all and for some reason i still do it! I am trying to stop. So lets see...after the binge I end up drinking a ton and ton of water the rest of the day. Always add lemon to the water if you can, and even have some cups of green tea. Those both seem to get things moving, and yes when i binge i poop...a lot. Sometimes though i dont, and it could be becuase of too much bread or dairy.
Lol yes!
I usually only go once a day or once every second day, but when i binge i can go up to 4 times a day! lol
I'm not giving u advice or anything... but i use to have problems with eds... and if i binged.... like seriously i can eat  A TON.... i would take laxatives before or after... or both sometimes... i had to drink prune juice everyday for 4 months and after still had problems.... it sucked! neways the food passed rather quickly with terribly bad abdominal pain....
thanks everyone for sharring, more is welecomed!

i'm glad to know I'm not alone in sucks..

hmm, might depend on what you're eating.  veggies versus tater chips

adams - I don't think that's advice in the wrong way or anything.  When I ate a lot (not binged, just... ate a lot) and took a big poop, I weighed myself and I weighed more than what I was in the beginning of the day.  Just a pointer... pooping doesn't always mean loss of pounds.

I find that now that I am eating healthier I binge on healther food which means (usually) lots of fiber. So yes I poop alot after a binge. Smile

I find it kinda strange that I've been able to change the types of food I eat but not the occassional binge.

more food = more poop
yeahh mine is usually like u said united, junk food! ice cream, cookies, pastries, cake.


then the poop comes.. lots! haha
i heard that chamoline tea or ginger helps relieve the discomfort...what about GAX X? anyone use that?

another question.. i heard it could be bad for ur digestive tract, i mean the binge & all the poop..?

I poop a lot too especially after a big binge.  I also have been having HORRIBLE gas lately!  I take sentrum in a liquid form for my hair-loss and it smells so BAD when I have horrible gas!  I don't know what to do about this gas, it's really embarassing.  !!!!!  
Chita87, Does the sentrum in liquid form help your hair grow back?? I'm trying to find something to help with my hair.
what are you talking about when you say help your hair grow back??

im confused..

relating to binging??
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Ok, i guess I am the oddball, but I usually binge on veggies and beans (i find I'm craving fiber during a binge) and I don't poop AT ALL! I'm stopped up for ever (although, I'm chronically constipated anyway, so maybe this isn't so strange?) Only problem is, I'm soooo bloated for weeks! I can almost not walk because of all the fiber, plus water (I think I drink like 3-4 bottles during a binge) so it's really uncomfortable.

Count your lucky stars, though, you're able to actually poop after eating all that food! I wish I could - so def I wouldn't complain, be glad it's coming out and you can function after haha
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