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Is there any type of diet that will help increase my height?

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I'm sixteen years old and I'm 5'2! I'm a basketball player, and I would really like to add some inches on my height!

Please help?
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You are still young and have time to grow, some people's growth spurts occur later than other's.  Just make sure you are not in a calorie deficit, meaning, making sure you are taking in at LEAST enough calories for your energy expenditure so that all of the extra calories you are putting in will be put towards growth.

Good luck, and don't be too stressed about it, you'll be tall enough soon :)

Non restrictive diets usually work really well for not stunting your growth!

Eat healthy, eat enough, make sure you get enough calcium and don't stress over the calories. That's really all you can do.  

Make sure you are eating enough to grow for sure [make sure your meat and milk are organic]. But I would also check in with your doctor. Sometimes there is an imbalance in the endocrine gland that causes precocious puberty (some say its linked to the way we process the animal products we eat). Precocious puberty is essentially early puberty but it also starts the process of bone fusion early. Your bones grow until the fusion process where they stop growing all together. There are ways to delay the process and spurt your growth (especially in men) involving hormone treatments. Oddly enough there is a breast cancer pill that has been a success in stalling precocious bone fusion. 

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