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How to keep my troublesome gall bladder going for a few months...

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Hi guys,

I'm new here, so here's my story in a nutshell.  Last August I was diagnosed with gall stones when 3 of those suckers went and got blocked in my bile duct.  Horrible pain!  But they removed the blockage and said I had to have my gall bladder out.  I couldn't afford it then, but got myself a nice medical aid, who said I can wait a year and then they'll pay for my operation. 

Only problem is my gall bladder keeps acting up.  Horrid abdominal pain that lasts a few hours (usually), until this last attack (as I call it) that lasted pretty much close to 24 hours.  The doctor said I had to have it out post haste.  The medical aid still says they will only pay for it in 4 and a half months' time.

So now I need some help.  What can I do and eat and take to keep this thing  from going critical again?  Any suggestions?  Anything will help. 

Have anyone tried this "Gallstone Removal Remedy Report" thing that keeps popping up in any search I run on gall bladders or gall stones? 

Anyhoo, that's me in a nutshell and looking for help.






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I don't know about the 'remedy report', but I do know that people with inflamed gallbladders are advised to follow a very low fat diet in order to keep the symptoms manageable.  Have you been told something similar?  Best of luck

I followed this diet while awaiting help. The guy who created it is the same one that removed my gallbladder. Eating this significantly decreased my stomach pain/gallbladder attacks.


Best of luck! I'm praying for you!

Thanks, guys.  I'm going to give that diet a go and see if it helps.  It helps getting information from someone who's been through this.



I'm pleased to report that that diet you guys suggested is working so far.  It's been almost 2 months since my last attack, so it's definitely working.

Thanks for giving me that diet.



I had mine out a year ago today!  I was having an attack about every month - way worse when I ate alot of tomato-type stuff - marinara sauce would kick my a**!  Anyway, I had attacks like that for 8 years before I was correctly diagnosed.  Having that thing out was the best thing I ever did!  I am completely pain free and never worry about another attack!  Yay!!  Just try to stay away from alot of greasy friend foods - and acidic stuff (such as tomatoes) and hopefully you'll be able to keep those attacks at bay for now - you will sooo loving having that sucker out though!!  Good luck!!!!!! 

Never had gall stones, but had my "low functioning" gall bladder removed in Decemeber. 

Here are a few tips::

**Restrict oily/greasy/fatty foods-- even good fats (like olive oil, peanut butter, etc)!! Since the gall bladder's main function is to process oily/greasy/fatty things, eating them can cause flare ups.

**Restrict spicy foods as they can be hard to digest, same for "heavy" foods (creamy things, etc)

**On days that you have flare ups, switch to clear liquids-- chicken broth, beef broth, tea (no milk!), clear juices, etc.... each time I went to the hospital this is what they had me do

**Find out your trigger foods- for me it was white potatoes, most dairy, etc....  They can vary from person to person, so log what you eat to keep track if certain foods trigger a flare up.

**Heat packs!!! get a microwavable one, thermacare disposables(those these can be $$), or get all DIY and make your own.  The heat can ease the painful muscle contractions around the gallbladder. (Another thing they did in the ER for me)

**Similarly some people find cold packs help (thats how my mother was), play around and find the right combination.

**Rehydration. A) make sure you drink lots of water, avoid caffeine and artificial sweeteners when you can (as these too commonly trigger flare ups).......B) if you feel like you are getting dehydrated (espcially if your flare ups cause vomitting or bowel problems- loose or very solid), get rehydrated, yes by an IV.  It can help sooooooo much!!!!!

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