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Totally random weight gain, that hasn't gone away - Why??

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Today I was thinking more critically about my exercise routine and my diet, and I seriously don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I'm 17, VERY petite 5'2, and should be 110 lbs but am steadily gaining for no reason. The excess weight is doing horrific things to my tiny body frame.

Anyway, I missed a period a month or so back and then randomly gained 9 lbs that haven't come off since, even though I haven't slowed my exercise, changed my caloric intake (1200-1400)  or eaten anything unhealthy. The only unhealthy thing Ive had is diet coke, but I have been drinking that forever and it never made a difference before. Also after an eternity, I finally got my period, and its reaaaaally light, which is abnormal for me. It is probably the exercise, but that doesn't explain the missed period before I decided to increase my exercise.

I WILL acknowledge that I have gained muscle, which can account for bulk. However, my face is puffy, and my thighs hips and butt are swollen and squishy feeling, which depresses me - a month ago, they had finally started to get hard. My hips, which were once receding and looking tight, are all soft and dimply again. My jeans and shirts are tight around my hips and thighs too. I even feel weighed down when I am running, which wasn't happening 6 weeks ago.

Up until summer, I would run 1-2 miles a day. But starting in June, I have run 3-5 times a week, burning 300-600 calories depending on the run.

I got blood tests done, and my T3 is slightly low. Maybe this is it?

Why am I gaining weight? I am extremely stressed out and (due to once battling with an ED) I feel completely worthless and want to just sleep until I stop breathing. I feel like I have failed myself, but also helpless because I havent actually done anything to cause this weight gain. I think I am going to lose it someday; I would like very much to disappear.

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The bare minimum calorie intake for a sedentary teen girl if she is trying to lose weight is 1500.

I'm afraid to eat that much. I'll just gain more. I tried once last year to eat 2000 cals a day for a week and gained 4 lbs that I just had to work back off :(

Is a whey shake or some pb good enough?


You cannot gain a real 4 lbs in a week unless you ate 3500 above maintenance for at least 4 days that week. NOT LIKELY. Eating 2000 calories is not a weight gaining amount. If you did gain on 2000 calories it's a sign something is very wrong with your metabolism ... which is highly unlikely. What's the problem is that you are consistently undereating. Like you say on your profile, you had a bout of wannabe anorexia and ruined your metabolism. Do yourself a favor and start eating more to undo the damage you did.

At Calorie Count we cannot and will not support any teens eating less than 1500 calories a day, end of story. And this is reserved for those who need to lose weight. 5'2" and 110lbs sounds like a perfect weight to me, you do not need to lose weight.

I suggest you increase your cals and take care of your metabolism now, so that it doesn't backfire on you later.

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#1 let your doctor(s) treat you, try not to get depressed because that will make EVERYTHING worse.  You really should talk to someone in your family about this, especially if you feel that way. Don't worry, everything will get better as long as you start eating properly. Your body is probably messed up from your ED and it may take time to recover, but it will.   I wouldn't do protein shakes, they taste awful ;)  Below is just some facts about the body, maybe they will interest you. 

 The body's metabolism can slow dramatically depending on hormone imbalance, previous prolonged starvation, dehydration, or vitamin deficiencies.  Someone can eat 1200cals and gain excess weight rapidly due to one of the above, because their body may be functioning on 500 or less calories.  Also water retention due to hormone imbalance can make someone gain 20+lbs in a few weeks.  This can be "permanent" as water that is absorbed into fat tissue may not be released until the fat is "burned off". This is common in hormone imbalances such as during prolonged steroid usage.    The body can function at energy levels well below and well above than what the "average level" may be.  The body is very efficient in using energy, it also never wants to expend it.  The amount you must consume depends heavily on several factors, including frame type, height, and amount of muscle.  2000 is a useless number because it's an average, and nobody is average, that's why it's an average. True starvation causes a tremendous amount of misunderstood damage to the body and brain and it must be coaxed out of starvation mode.



Eat more. You will be surprised at how your weight will adjust to this.

See.. I was gaining weight (1kg a week) through eating not 2500cals, but 500-800. Your body goes into starvation mode and latches on to all it can. Yes, it is likely real weight. Yes, it will go away. You need your body to trust you. If you're pushing it to the limits by excercising on such a low intake, it will be thinking 'Crap.. I need to store as much as I can!'

Up your intake to around 1500 to start, and I can promise you that you will not gain weight. Initially, maybe, but only something along the lines of two pounds or less. Your body will adjust, your metabolism will increase and you will likely lose the excess weight.

Hopefully this was helpful. =) Trust me, don't freak out, trust your body's judgement.

Is it possible you could be pregnant? 

Okay. I'll try and eat more without freaking.

But I think I need to rephrase anyway: I don't really care how much I weigh. In fact I wouldnt mind being 130 lbs. as long as my body is denser and leaner. I would love to be heavier if it meant being more toned and muscular. I just want to be smaller. not weigh less lol

Except that would be impractical for running, and on my own I already have plenty of muscle in my legs. They are pretty buff under the layer of squoosh. lol

LOL I am not pregnant.

People like me just dont get pregnant... it wouldn't make sense lol

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