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Tortuous Sigmoid Colon + Hypoglycemia + Recovering Undereater

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Welp.  I don't usually post - I mostly comment - but I'm feeling a bit frustrated and misunderstood and I'm wondering if anyone else has a similar story.

Me: 5'6" 150 lbs, 26 years old.  A recent colonoscopy revealed my severe constipation may be caused, in part, by my tortuous sigmoid colon.  My doctor said the procedure was 'moderately difficult' due to all the twists and turns and bottlenecks etc.  I'm just a bowl of spagetti in there.  The medication I was given (amitiza 24mg 2x/day) is usually reserved for the elderly and is very strong - at least the side effects were - it did nothing for my constipation.

Strike two is that I have reactive hypoglycemia - meaning that if I am not fed substantially every few hours, my blood sugar spins out of control.  Years ago I found this debilitating, but I have learned to live with it/control it with diet.

Three - I am a recovering under-eater.  I used to be over 200 lbs and used depression to fuel my weight loss.  I ate nothing some days, and 500 calories other days.  I successfully got down to 155 after 3 months and 139 after a couple years more.  That was in college and a few lbs creeped up on me over the years.  I started restricting heavily again but had a very scary experience one night while I was alone - it felt like my heart stopped and everything went grey.  It was terrifying.  From that moment on, I knew I just had to eat normally.  I was engaged to someone that deserved a living wife - and I could not risk it anymore.

This is a very long post, but I didn't mean it to be.  So those of you who stuck it out, here is my question - since I've been eating "normally" 1 year (meaning 1800-2200 calories/day) I have gained to my current weight (150).  How do I get down to my goal healthily?  I would love to be 130.  The problem is, no matter what I do, the scale still rises or maintains.  I get discouraged because my stomach contributes to my weigh fluctuations (I can contain upwards of 10lbs in my twisty insides) and I cannot stop eating or my hypoglycemia kicks in.  I am patient but this is crazy.  Currently I eat 1300 calories/day and exercise 45 minutes 4x/week (combination of training for a 10K, biking to work, eliptical, and lifting).  This amount of exercise is new for me so you'd think the pounds would be melting off right??  My calories are recently cut so I know I'm eating less!  It's been like this for 5 weeks!

Help me caloriecounters, help confirm I'm not crazy.

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Sorry, i can't help because I have a lot of bowel (constipation,etc) problems too that are a mystery. Not fun, right?

I personally think you aren't eating enough (could be a factor in slowed metabolism, and in the constipation also as a "maybe" thought). I think you can eat a lot more...but I know not everyone agrees with that. I just think if you start to address your past restriction (which has probably muddled your metabolism), etc..then things might straighten out more for was commented in another thread previously when the poster couldn't understand why her weight wouldn't budge...

Have you read Gwyneth's site? Not saying you are disordered at all..just saying that considering you fell into restriction before and are now only taking in 1300 cals..when someone your age can take in a LOT more than that ... -i-need-2500-calories.html

This might not apply to you at all...but it might apply to you in some way... ( i wonder if you are amennorheic also?).

Anyway, best of luck with the unpleasant physical issues (constipation, etc)..I have a lot of these issues too and am relunctant to "delve" deeper into them and have held off on invasive tests.

Yes unfortunately every small victory gets my hopes very high and I want to share it with the world (referring to a past post of mine) but then time only tells that I have a problem keeping any progress steady.  I'm not sure what my issue is, but this site is very has me thinking and thats really good.

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I really really think  you need to consider that site. No one your age (no one older) needs only 1300 calories, (you need a LOT more and handle more than you think, and that's accounting for only a 30 minute walk per day).


But I'm not an expert. Take care.



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I just read your link and see that you have posted your question there. Very interesting that you got a response from Gwyneth herself. Her response to you sounds very legitimate. It looks as though she believes you need 2500 with a 30 minute walk daily in order to regain your metabolsim.

I suppose now the real question is whether you are willing to embrace it. It seems like too many young people in the world are so committed to dieting and never realize the consequences.

Anyway, Gwyneth's response was certainly enlightening, no? I wish you good health (and I significantly empathize with your constipation issues which are a mental and physical drain ).

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