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Torn ligament problems - advice please

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In February, 2008, I tore the ligaments on my right knee at work.  I have been babying this knee ever since - with a knee brace until about July and now just occasionally; chiropractic treatments and lazer therapy treatments.  My knee is not much better since I originally hurt it and am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions?  I stand a lot at my job (5-6 hours straight usually), walk my dogs regularly (slow walk with well-behaved dogs) and I go to Curves 2-3 times a week but am gentle with the machines that emphasize use of the knees.  I have been trying to strengthen the muscles in my right leg but this knee still sends shooting pains my way quite regularly and makes normal pace walking and climbing stairs agony.  Any ideas?

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I spend a lot of time injured so I know how frustrating this can be. I've had a serious back injury in the past and a really stubborn strain in my left leg that has been going on for 9 months!

The only advice I can give is if whatever treatment you are having isn't working, change it. Try knew chiropractors, physios, osteopaths, whatever. Everyone is different, it took me 6 years to find the osteo who finally fixed my back.

I think nutrition can really help too, some foods are anti-inflammatory like oily fish, green tea, red wine (yay!), and aubergine. These may or may not make a significant difference, but if you are like me you will want to give everything a go just in case.

Unfortunately, rest is also good for torn ligaments, though very boring.

Hope you feel better soon


I had the same problem after helping some friends move last year. Went to the orthopedist, learned that I have torn ACLs not in one, but both knees. The doctor said only surgery and physical therapy can take care of it.

I tore my ACL in october in 2008, played basketball and was a catcher in softball(with knee brace) with it torn. But let me tell you I worked my BUTT off to strengthen my knee so I could keep playing sports before surgey. Balance exercies, biking, reistance bands, jumping, and saw a trainer once a week for about 2 months. had surgery in sept 2009, and was jogging by dec 2009. Did you ever do therapy? I am a very active person so I did not let myself be lazy and baby my knee during rehab time, and I did exercises alll the time at home while being away from my weekly rehab sessions. My family couldn't afford rehab anymore by mid nov. 2009 so I did stuff on my own, bike rides(with brace) and knee/balance exercies twice a day.

To not have a lot of pain, you should deff try to strengthen the muscles around your knee, but with shooting pains you are getting something really just might not be right. Only surgury can repair torn ligaments.

I do 30 mins a day on the stationary bike for my bum knee. I started with 10 mins on resistance 7 and kept increasing up to 30 mins @ 12-14 now

It has really strengthened up the muscles around it, especially the one on the outside of the thigh that leads down into the knees.

I also lift weights 3 times a week. Inner & outer thighs, leg curls, calf raises, and extra special attention to leg extensions- I do those on very very light weight (I took the pin out of the machine for the first several weeks). I always lift with only one leg at a time- to make sure the injured knee gets a slow, controlled range of motion.

It not 100% and never will be, but sticking to this regimen for a few months has really helped it get stronger.

Skip the chiropractor and see a good orthopedic specialist.  Make sure you do the research on whoever you go to because you want to ensure a good outcome!

Yeah a chiropractor has no business telling you anything about your knee.

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