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Why is my tongue orange?

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Ok this may sound strange but for the past few months the top of my tongue has been a weird orange colour/ had an orange coating. Every time I brush my teeth (morning and evening) I brush my tongue and the colour goes back to normal but within a few hours its orange again!

Does anyone know why this could be? (I mentioned it to my doctor and he didn't seem very bothered about it.) I don't eat too many carrots or anything like that so I'm not sure what its from.

Also, I have another question. Sorry if this is TMI but recently I've had a bit of white/clear discharge... the type thats normal before/after your period. However I haven't had a period in almost a year as I'm a recovering anorexic. Does this mean my period is coming back? I haven't actually gained any weight yet so my bmi is quite low but could it be coming back anyway?

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Try a web search.  There's lot's of material about orange tongues on various websites.

acupuncturists use tongue color and coating as part of their diagnostic criteria. an acupuncturist might also be able to give you some food recommendations that target specific body imbalances (whatever orange tongues are about) per Chinese medicine.  

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I had this too but I think after 9 months I finally kicked it's butt for good.  I used supplements and drank a ton of alkaline water.  I wrote all about it at .  I hope you got rid of yours.  It is a nasty culprit and there isn't much info out there about it.

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