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I think my toenail is going to fall off?

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soem time back, not sure exactly when, maybe around 2 months ago, something happened to my middle toenail that one day I noticed the toe nail was purple-colored. I think I stubbed it, but this is the first time I can remember having a toenail turn color like that.

anyways, for clarification, my toe nail has never hurt since I noticed this, and it started out just purple at the base of teh nail, then eventually the whole toenail looked purple, and about a month ago when I got a pedicure the base of teh nail was normal colored and the purple was just more to the edge of the toenail bed. I'm not sure what it looks like now, because somehow all the toenail polish has stayed on my toes a month later xD

I haven't done any like internse excercise that would mess with the toenail, but today I noticed today that I can pull up the front of the toenail and see udner it a bit. it looks like it's still attached to the nail bed at to the cuticle and to the nail bed where the color of the nail started to go back to normal, and I think I can see where the blood dried up on the tail nail where it's lifting up.

sorry for the long explanation but wanted to give all the info for the best answer.

so basically I was wanting to know if the whole toenail would likely fall off, or would the nail continue to grow and just the front part of the nail would stay dettached where I would maybe just back to clip it back to get a normal looking nail?

also, I was curious if it's normal for it to take this long for a toenail to dettach like this? after 2 months it wasn't does anything and I just thought the color would keep fading like it looked like it was doing

I'm just hopping I don't have to go for months missing a toenail xD

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so basically this has happened to me twice. Once in fourth grad to my middle toe, I caught it on a door ledge and it ripped. Instead of ripping straight off though, it brled and bled and when it stopped it stayed attached to my toe for many months til a new nail grew underneath it and then it was ready to let go. It was kind of like a losse tooth. I know, it was disgusting but it was purple too til it came of on its own.

Then a few months ago, my big toenail broke due to lack of nutrients it was getting to keep it from breaking. About half the nail peeled but again, it turned purple underneath, and I was patient and it eventually came off on its own. This time however, the toenail growing back was not there yet. Maybe it was cuz it was only have the toenail, I don't know. But what I do know is waiting is a lot less painful and bloody than taking it off. So just let it come off on its own, and it will. It sounds like your nail is the whole nail and if you don't have an lack of nutrients problems, then theres another nail likly growing underneath and the purple will go away eventually. That's waht I've gathered from experience but it could be different for you. Hope this helps!

And btw, missing toenails are no fun, my big toe looked ugly for months so I just painted over the skin too lols :)

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