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That "time of month"-Ladies, jump in on this. Guys-if you have the answers comment too!

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So, I have been doing awesome for 14 days.  Totally changed the way i am eating and the times I eat.  I have been doing 30 minutes of aerobics each day with strength training.  I have lost a whopping 4 lbs.  At first I thought that was minimal but actually it is perfect.  Saturday night was my son's birthday and I chose to eat ONE piece of pizza, not a large slice either, and a decent size piece of cake...not a small piece, LOL.  I woke up the next morning and I gained 7 lbs. 

My cycle is regular and I also started my period on Sunday.  Could this weight gain be from the one piece of pizza and cake?  I went over on calories but I still burned more than I consumed that day.  Or is this weight gain from my period?  I have never monitored my weight around my cycle so I guess I just don't know what is normal and what is not.  If I gained 7 lbs, will I drop these 7 lbs just as fast?  This morning 3 lbs were gone but that still puts me at my starting weight.  I am so frustrated. 

What can you do to ensure this weight gain is temporary?  I am sure consuming enough water is #1 on the list.  Please share your experiences with me, I feel like I am the only one right now.  Thanks

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I'm no expert, but I agree that your cycle could be a contributing factor in the weight gain.  But perhaps also the sodium from the pizza (and maybe also the sugar from the cake) could be causing additional water retention/bloating.  How was your sodium intake the rest of the day?  Definitely do try drinking extra water throughout the day to help flush out your system a bit. 

I've been tracking my weight and counting calories for over 2 months now, and I do tend to see little spikes (ok, not 7lb spikes, but 1-2 lb) around that time of the month.  A few days pass, and I'm back to losing weight again.  I know it is very discouraging when this happens, but just keep doing what you're doing... keep making smart food choices, keep up the physical activity, and give it a few days.  Be sure to also weigh yourself at the same time everyday, and wearing the same amount of clothing.  Those little details can make a difference. 

Keep up the good work, and good luck on your weight loss journey!!

I almost always used to gain weight around my period. Usually 3-5 pounds, sometimes more. Sometimes I wouldn't gain but I also wouldn't lose for 2 weeks or so and then suddenly the scale would go down a few pounds. I started taking a diuretic that's used off label to treat acne and now I never gain weight when I have my period and I'm able to lose. So basically my point is, I think it's normal to gain a few pounds of water weight around your period and it might stick around even after your period ends. Try not to get discouraged-it you're having a daily calorie deficit, you couldn't be gaining any fat. Just keep drinking plenty of water and weigh yourself again in a week or so. I sometimes used to just completely avoid the scale for the 2 weeks after the start of my period so I wouldn't get discouraged.

I don't think you should use "ladies time of month" and "guys jump on this" in the same sentence.

Well that sure got your attention.  I didn't want to discriminate ya know.  LMAO

Corbin:  I am sure I went over on sodium and for sure on sugar but honestly, I didn't even add the pizza in that night because I knew I was being so bad.  I will go back and fill in the blanks from Saturday night.  I am back on schedule today though and thank you for the input. 

Rachel:  I am taking the batteries out of the scale now because I am so obsessed with it.  Thanks!

Your weight will fluctuate throughout the month due to hormones, water retention, sodium, what is currently in your system, and of course, whether you are in an excess or deficit.

Just log your weight and keep doing the things you should be doing and you'll most likely find that your weight has leveled out in a week.

Weighing yourself first thing in the morning after using the bathroom is the best way to get the most accurate weight...even so, one day you'll be up a lb or two and the next it might drop.

If you catch a low weight and then reweigh after eating and drinking throughout the day you'll likely find a much higher weight.  There is a difference between a fluctuation and a gain.

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For me, five pounds every month.  I drop it four to five days later . . .  The first month I was tracking it, I freaked out!

Good luck!

Same here. I gain roughly five pounds during TTOM, if sodium intake happens to be high or I drink not enough water (or other factors that may contribute to water retention), it could spike up to seven~eight pounds. 

It's nothing to worry though. The pounds drop right after TTOM, usually accompanied with some actual weight loss if I manage to keep to a healthy lifestyle/eating habit during the cycle.

A piece of pizza (and cake) can't possibly amount to that much weight gain, and definitely not overnight.  Wink

  I'm pretty sure that it's normal to weight more at the start of that time of the month. I sometime weight up to 8 pounds more! :S

Try weighing yourself when you're done you'll see that it was probably just bloating / water retention.

I did  a little bit of research your question online and found info re: weight gain during TTOM. I have attached links below with a bit of the story underneath the link. Hope this helps. oss/weight-gain-period-1

Menstrual Weight Gain: Just Why Does it Happen?       &nb sp;

...''The truth is, some weight gain is just natural. Women can experience anywhere from two to six pounds (or even up to ten pounds, in extreme cases) of weight gain during their time of the month. Typically, you’ll start noticing a weight increase anywhere from five to three days before the start of your period."... oss/weight-gain-period-1

..."I have seen time where mine has gone up almost 10 lbs, but a few days after it starts im back down to what I was before. It is insane how the female body work!".... oss/weight-gain-period-6

..."last week i weighed myself and i was 125 pounds but a week later i weigh 129 pounds i dont understand this sudden weight gain ive actually increased my physical activity. COuld it be because im due on my period. Do many of you get a 4 pound weight gain the week before?"... y-periods-weight-gain/

Weight Gain

"Weight gain can be associated with a menstrual period, particularly in the days just before the onset of bleeding. Weight gain, due to water retention, can lead to feeling bloated or the sensation of fullness in the abdomen and extremities. Water retention is fluid that's held in the tissues of the body instead of passing through urination. Bloating and weight gain may also be the result of air in the gastrointestinal tract; causing excess gas and distention."...

Read more: y-periods-weight-gain/#ixzz1qGiPD3yn



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