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I thought it would last forever..

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Well I had been successfully maintaining my weight for months, and now I've started binging. It's been a week and I've eaten so much unhealthy things that I think I'm losing all self control.
I thought it would never happen, but the cravings were so strong, I couldn't even help it. I noticed the times I ate most were the times when no one was home and I was bored. I feel like a complete pig, I know I probably have gained a few permanent pounds at least, and several more pounds of temporary water weight. I feel so awful. I eat to the pount of bloating sometimes. It's like I can't get enough.

If anyone has had a similar experience or can help me, please do so!
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Well I binged last night, but I was at a party, and I don't go to parties that often, so I justified it by telling myself I needed to have a good time and eat some of the nice food this woman made. The binge wasn't ridiculous; I probably ate like 700 calories more than I normally do, in part because I knew this party was happening so I ate less throughout the day in anticipation. Frankly I probably would've felt worse if I hadn't eaten the brownie or blueberry cobbler.

But the key is, I don't allow myself to buy those things and I don't party that much, so I don't have to worry about doing it again for quite some time. I also told myself that once every few months I can do something like that. To top it off, I went to the gym today anyway despite the hangover.

Eating out of boredom is something I don't do anymore. I can't afford it, both mentally and financially. If I really feel hungry between meals/snacks, I drink Diet Coke or water. Usually that stops me. 

In all seriousness though, looking at your stats, maybe your body wasn't designed to maintain such a low BMI? The bingeing might be a sign that your body needs more food on a regular basis (ie more calories). Your bf% is 7%? That's practically insane unless you're a pro bodybuilder with tons of muscle mass. At a BMI of around 20, I doubt that's the case.

Maybe you should try adding on an extra 100 or 200 calories a day to your normal maintenance figure and see if that controls the binges. 

Thanks dm84, you must be happy to be doing so well for so long now, huh? 
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Yes and no.

I actually failed to properly maintain for quite some time, but in the opposite way (I kept losing when I shouldn't have). So whether I'm doing well or not is up in the air.

And believe me, I'm quite afraid of gaining the weight back. 

But you say you gained "permanent pounds?" There's no such thing as a permanent pound. You know that. All you need to do is stop the bingeing. I know it's hard, but that was a necessary hell I had to put myself through in order to lose weight initially. 

I maybe ate 2,000 calories yesterday.  But not all in 1 sitting, In a day.  And I feel as If I ate an ox.  I know how you feel and it sucks.   But in my case  it blows even more. 
Aug 26 2007 21:48
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so you lost control and cut loose.

time to get a grip and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  pull your plan back out, follow it, log it.  exercise and log it.

life happens. figure out when it is ok to party and cut loose.  and how you will get back to maintaining.  All work & no play... no one can go through life without having some fun!

The key is to know when to buckle down and work.  When the whistle blows, it's ok to enjoy.  That doesn't mean wallow face down in the gutter drunk or stuffing yer face. It means going out with the guys or family and enjoying a meal out. Fri night at the movies and a snack with a girl. 

Choose when you eat.
i have done that loads of time and feel so crap afterwards i did it on the days i was waiting for my exam results i was eating without a care afterwards i felt so pigged and fat but back on track.................bak in contol haLaughing
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