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Thirsty like crazy but, only at night?

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This sounds a bit odd mabye to some but, I've noticed recently that I'm just super super thirsty late in the evening. It's surprising because like tonight- I had 1 16 oz water with dinner, then 2 more 16 oz glasses with some HUGE pills. I have yet another glass in front of me that I wash down in seconds flat but, I want to be able to sleep so, I'm fighting the urge.

My question is why?  any thoughts? I don't have any medical history?

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Do you tend to eat really salty things at dinner? That could be why.

Is the medicine a diuretic, does it make you thirsty?

nope and nope. The medicine I'm taking right now is an antibiotic. I looked up extreme thirst online and the only things I was finding was diabetic related results. Kind of odd finding since I've already lost a lot of weight and I don't have a family history but, it still happens?  I'll keep a eye out for symptoms  and read up some more.

Thanks for the replies. Smile

The main symptoms of diabetes are:

  • feeling very thirsty,
  • producing excessive amounts of urine (going to the toilet a lot),
  • extreme tiredness (fatigue), and
  • weight loss and muscle wasting (loss of muscle bulk).

Other symptoms of diabetes can include:

  • itchiness around the vagina or penis,
  • often getting thrush, due to the excess glucose in your urine, and
  • blurred vision, caused by the lens of your eyes becoming very dry.

 If you're worried, do see your doctor.   Otherwise the chances are you've got a little dehydrated during the day and you're just playing catch-up.   Try drinking more throughout the day and see if that helps.

Is your dinner salty? Are you just too busy to drink enough during the daytime? If you make an effort to drink more during the daytime, does it decrease the night thirst?

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