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Thinning Hair...

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Has anyone ever dealt with thinning hair?

I've noticed that my hair has gotten thin over the past years and I'm so frustrated! I hate it.

I don't know why. It isn't hereditary. I've had my thyroid checked and it is normal.

I'm wondering if it is related to diet. I'm vegetarian, so maybe I don't get enough protein (but I've been vegetarian far longer than I have had hair problems). Or could it be birth control related?

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I am only 25 and over the past two years have dealt with HUGE hair loss. I usually wear a hat and have gone to a dermotoglist and everything. They have also checked my thyroid and said it was normal. The only thing I have for you is support. I know how you are feeling and hopefully we can figure out a way to fight back.

Many people have told me that hair goes through cycles and I have been patiently waiting for the "growth" cycle to come through for me. I too went from eating meat to vegetarian and around the same time had my first child. So, that could play a role. I've slowly added protein, chicken and fish into my diet again to see if I was lacking in some vitamins; so I will keep you posted and see if that was it.

So I say to you, i feel your pain...or your lack of hair. I am hoping that one day soon, we can figure out exactly what is going on with us. (it may be hormonal) Good luck with your hair.
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Thanks for the support.

Yeah, I am only 22. The last doctor I went to said it was the birth control, but after I did my own research, I really don't think that is the cause. I'm going to make a doctor appointment soon with someone else to get a second opinion.
Actually I think bc will make your hair thicker, not thinner. I did go through some massive, dramatic hair loss when I went *off* bc though. It did grow back.

I was just reading about zinc deficiency (don't ask me why, I was lost on the web!). Apparently zinc deficiency can cause thinning hair.  As a vegetarian, if you eat beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, you probably don't have a deficiency though, unless you are an alcoholic or have some sort of genetic problem that leads to malabsorption.

If you don't eat these things, then googling zinc deficiency might be wise... see if you have any of the other symptoms. If you do, then understand that zinc supplementation can cause more harm than good, so it may mean you need to either start eating beans, legumes, nuts and seeds, OR quit the vegetarian diet and start eating animal products (all of which contain zinc) and oysters (which are very high in zinc).

I have very fine AND thin hair, but for me, it's just genetic, because my dad is the exact same way. One thing that really helps is coloring my hair. The color actually adds thickness to the hair shaft, and also the illusion of thickness. Totally changes the texture and makes my hair look much thicker. Even if you don't have any gray and even if you like your natural hair color, it might be worth trying. What I do is have my hair colored very similar to my natural shade, and add in a few highlights and low lights to add more depth.

My hairdresser recently had me try a new salon brand of shampoo and conditioners called Nioxin. This is supposed to make fine, thin hair thicker and stronger, and I have to say, it really does work!!! It's expensive but worth it. There are other drugstore brands that are formulated for thickening, but you have to be careful with them because if you use them often enough, I find they dry out the hair and leave the hair damaged.

The right haircut can also do wonders to make hair appear thicker. Try a blunt cut about chin length. My hair looks way more thin if I grow it past chin length. Layers are also good, but can be tricky because done incorrectly they can make the hair look even thinner.

Also consider what sort of styling appliances you are using. The wrong hairbrush can wrench out fine hair. Too much blowdrying on high heat can also cause damage and thinning. Too much use of heat from flat irons and curlers can also do damage. Even wearing your hair in a ponytail can cause damage.

When my hair fell out after going off bc, I stopped using a blowdryer and brush for a few months. I'd just comb my hair out with a wide-tooth comb, then allow it to air dry into waves. The waves gave the illusion of thicker hair, and the gentle treatment helped my hair recover faster. I now only use my hair dryer on medium heat - never high heat. And I have a brush that is very gentle. I do not use styling products like mousse or gel because they are very drying.
Wow. Thanks for the advice. All very good ideas. I shall look up zinc right now. Thanks!
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Thanks for all the advice jenmcc!

Actually I have curly hair, so it looks thicker than it actually is. And I never brush it, or use any styling appliances. I always use a wide tooth comb after a shower and let it air dry.

Maybe I will try coloring it! I've never dyed my hair before, and I wouldn't mind a change. Do you think I could just use one of the boxes you get a drugstore. I always thought coloring your hair would damage it! I was also looking into Rogaine for Women, though I'd like to talk to my doctor first before trying something like that.

I'm going to look up the zinc deficiency right now. I rarely consume beans and legumes, and I never eat nuts or seeds (I don't know if PB counts for nuts though). I do take a multi-vitamin, so maybe that contains zinc, I'll have to check.

Thanks again! I really appreciate it.
you need to get some vitamins geared towards being a veggie.

not only zinc but the b vitamins as well can cause thinning.
make sure you are getting your protien  and fats too.
(another cause with that way of eating)

 I have had what i call "the shed" about 4 times in my life. Numorous doc,derma,homepath, you name it and we came to the idea that when i get a fever of 101 or higher i shed my hair about 3 months later. First time after mono at age 16.I had long blond hair that got me attention that lost about 2/3's.It looked horrible. I wouldn't cut it . It grew back and i didnt highlight it for a year, Then at 25 I had a flu and it "shed again" this time I cut it chin length ,got into hats ,scarfs, and worked it. Around 30 i had toxic shock"almost died" and it shed majorly I was happy to be alive so it was no big deal. My husband shaved his head but first dyed it blue for a day. That helped me experiment with color, cuts,hairpieces you name it.Then around 35 it shed again probably from a stressful time. Now at 38 I make it darker, wash it every couple days keep it trimed at my shoulders. It grows back sometimes all the way sometimes almost as much.I've grown as a person thru this. I am not my hair.
for thyroid, make sure you're getting right tests: free t3 and free t4 (not total tests, get free tests, there is a difference), tsh, and thyroid antibody tests. make sure you get it tested before 9 am, only after getting a good night sleep, and never when you are sick.

could also be your iron levels, and also when i was losing lots of my hair, my doctor suggested celiac disease (which, luckilyfor me, it isn't).
i am only 18 and my hair has bugun to fall out DRAMATICALLY!! it is very devastating, i eat right and exercise, i am beginning to think it might be a thyroid problem. i also get sick very very easily as well (in fact i am fighting a cold right now), can anyone tell me their thoughts/opinions
thinning hair (assuming you dont have cancer and you have a healthy diet) is from testosteron. thats why guys bald. the more you have the more likely it is that its going to affect you.
kimiam, really could be thyroidism. hair loss is a typical symptom, as is getting sick more often.
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