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Thigh gap?

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Is it possible for anyone to get one? I'm 5'3", 102.8lbs, BMI 18.2, and even though I could see my ribs this morning, I don't have a thigh gap! My thighs do touch and it really annoys me! I mean, I have a long torso and short legs, with skinny hips, so does that play a part, or can anyone get one? Even at my lowest weight, 92 lbs, I didn't have one, and I was running every day then.

So can anyone get one? Are there certain exercises to do? Or am I just genetically predisposed to not have a thigh gap?

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gain weight,  your posting about your low bmi on here like it is something to be proud of,  please dont post your low BMIs unless u are looking for help on how to gain weight, its not good for the people who are trying to gain weight.

and so what if you dont have a gap

Sorry, I'll keep that in mind before posting next time. I was just wondering if it was possible to get one. I'm sorry if I upset anyone.
Original Post by laurelin33:

Sorry, I'll keep that in mind before posting next time. I was just wondering if it was possible to get one. I'm sorry if I upset anyone.

Some of us are just designed this way... yes, it would be possible, but could be dangerous: you would have to be so desperately underweight, your poor legs would probably not be able to carry you... been there, tried it, ultimately? - Not worth it... try to love the body you have, and gaining a few more pounds would be helpful too.

no answer to this question will be satisfactory for you.

people are just different shapes.

Everyone's different. I had one at my highest weight and lowest. That's just because my hips are very wide. Some people have smaller hips. Thigh gaps are pretty stupid though.
Okay, thank you! Honestly, I figured as much, and while a part of me would love to be lighter, I'm happy where I am now. :)

i'm sorry but they don't even look nice :(

Original Post by tigal:

i'm sorry but they don't even look nice :(

^^THIS. I never understood the appeal of having space between your legs... my friend the other day asked me to stand with my legs together so she could see if I had a thigh gap- and I was like wwhaattt?! Haha I don't have one by the way, and I'm 100% fine with that! I just can't see why so many girls strive for a thigh gap... it doesn't even seem attractive to me. What does it really matter if there's some space between your legs? Just embrace your body the way it was meant to be, being healthy is most important :)

seriously. i'm a guy with a rather large thigh gap, and it looks gross. my legs are like sticks.

I like mine ): 

oh my god i hate my thigh gap!! do you know how annoying it is to be walking down a hallway at school and all the sudden have a hockey stick or baseball bat shoved between your thighs? not only can it REALLY hurt if the person's a real jerk face (i'm a girl, but stuff still hurts when it gets hit and i'm sorry for the tmi but this needed to be said) but you can also trip and fall over! i am so lucky i haven't broken a leg yet..i swear i would give anything to have a smaller thigh gap. or none at all. i don't know why people like thigh gaps either..they're just so painful!

I don't know why I want one. I think it stems more from my ED mindset than personal desires. If I had my way I'd have a thigh gap (and a flat stomach!)
Oh, just to clarify, I was diagnosed with EDNOS a few weeks ago. You have no idea how much I just want to be normal.

I currently have a thigh gap... and an eating disorder. I will honestly say that I LOVE it, but I know this is not healthy, so I will lose it if that's what it takes.

^^ I love mine too

So, apparently, the way to have a thigh gap is to develop or have an eating disorder... I can't imagine the trade-off is actually worth it.

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Thanks, coach k! I didn't mean to promote eating disorders in any way, I will certainly make an effort to respect the guidelines in the future!
Original Post by laurelin33:
I mean, I have a long torso and short legs, with skinny hips, so does that play a part?

Your small hips probably do. That's just the way your body is.

These posts are getting rediculess lately. There are more an more post about being 100 lbs and needing to drop weight. I'm tried of people with eating disorders posting on how to get skinnier when they are already sick from not eating. There use to be interesting topics and support to eat healthy now it all about eating disorders and do I look fat at 95 lbs. or how can I see my bones.   Time for me to leave this site.

I understand the appeal of the the thigh gap:

- shorts don't ride up, I don't wear shorts for this reason because I always find myself pulling them down between my legs. So I stick to over the knee khakis and they're pretty nice!

- I also need to wear spandex shorts under dresses and skirts in the summer because when I walk a lot, which I do, my thighs sweat and rub together hence chafing and its actually pretty painful. But that means when the wind blows my skirt up, I have spandex to protect me :)

I don't know if it changes when you lose weight, I just have to wait and see, but that is the only appeal I see to it. If you want the gap because you're going thru this too, try my tips!

Otherwise, to answer your question, it's a body shape situation. Women with larger hips and less fat deposits in the thighs have them. Usually a woman's hips get larger after giving birth too, so that's something you can look forward to. But you need a healthy BMI to have babies in the first place ;)

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