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What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

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I recently went to the dr. complaining of several symptoms, she took many vials of blood and called today saying I had a vitamin D deficiency. I know that is what causes ricketts but what symptoms should be getting better with prescription doses of it? I also dont get how I could possibly be deficient in it seeing as I spend as much time in the sun as I possibly can and never use sunscreen. I am quite perplexed, ty.
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I am not really sure...but you should ALWAYS use a little sunscreen!  Asside from skin cancer, you don't want to get wrinkles do you?
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Symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency:

Muscle pain

weak bones/fractures

low energy/constant fatigue

low immunity (getting sick often)

depression or mood swings

irregular sleeping patterns

Your body does not get vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is a vitamin contained in foods. Sunlight assists your body in absorbing the vitamin D, however sunlight is not necessary for your body to do so.

The best natural source of vitamin D is eggs. Egg yolks. The white contains almost nothing but protein. All the vitamins and minerals are in the yolk.

P.S. Wear sunscreen.

Wow, except for the fractures that sounds just exactly like me.  I just thought it was the 5 kids.  Thank you very much.  Dr is putting me on prescription doses of it for a bit. TY

Hello fellow Alaskan--akmom67,

A lot of very good information about Vitamin D can be found at the Vitamin D Council website

When I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, I stumbled upon the council's website and it answered a lot of questions. I initially took 16,000 IU per day for the first month and then maintained a daily dose of 5,000 IU D3.

The Vitamin D Council website explains the differences between D2 and D3 and why you cannot get the needed dose of D3 from your foods.

Hope this helps,


You might see if the levels of calcium are high in your urine as well.  If so, you might want to look into hyperparathyroidism.  I have very low Vitamin D and have found that it's often due to over release of parathyroid hormone.  I know it's quite a bit later but something to look into still



Have a look at this comprehensive info as supplied by the NHS... uses.aspx  Causes, symptoms, treatments... it's all there.

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We went on looking just recently in order to identify the very best Vitamin D nutritional supplement, so I located it. This really is excellent info, due to the fact pretty much each of us will need to use a good Vitamin D nutritional supplement.

I actually started off studying all about this features involving Vitamin D just over one year ago, right after my personal new physician strongly suggested I receive a Vitamin D supplement. That research resulted in a great number of amazing benefits connected with Vitamin D, along with brand new ones simply being uncovered most of the time. A brief list of positive aspects of Vitamin D incorporate: helps with bone tissue enhancement as well as calcium mineral ingestion, helps battle illness, assists have inflammatory reaction in balance, and cuts down the possibility of developing a number of health conditions, which includes depression, autoimmune ailments, cancer malignancy, blood pressure, as well as heart problems. Thus it will be truly effective stuff for anyone, and it is essential in my experience for taking care of inflammation, melancholy, and quite a few different issues with my personal Rheumatism (autoimmune disease associated with joint parts).

When doing a analysis, In addition, I learned that a lot of persons from the United States and a lot other regions throughout the planet currently have Vitamin D deficiency. When our doctor examined my personal Vitamin D levels prior to suggesting Vitamin D supplement, I seemed to be Vitamin D deficient.

Also I studied whether I could acquire enough Vitamin D without having supplementing - I personally prefer to consider much less dietary supplements in comparison with far more. I like to get nutrition through natural foods as an alternative to supplements and also enriched foodstuff. The sole suppliers of Vitamin D besides Vitamin D vitamin supplements are actually food stuff and also sunlight. You'll find incredibly small amount of food items that provide Vitamin D (egg yolks, as well as oily sea food), and in addition they really don't provide the actual amounts we will need, assuming you eat these items after all -- (lots of people don't ever have those food items).

Thus can we have adequate Vitamin D as a result of the sun's rays? Personally I assume it is a method our bodies happened to be created to obtain Vitamin D. Our systems produce Vitamin D right from sunlight. Nevertheless, a lot of us will not obtain enough direct sunlight to get the particular level of Vitamin D everyone need to have (dependent on lots of points.

To the person who said that Vitamin D is ONLY in foods, that's not exactly true. Our body uses the sunlight to MAKE Vitamin D. You don't have to have foods with Vitamin D in them.

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids. In humans Vitamin D is unique both because it functions as a prohormone and because when sun exposure is adequate the body can synthesize it (as Vitamin D3).

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