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swollen lower half of body

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hey...just was wondering if anyone else has experienced this where you have a really busy day and are basically standing, walking, and really not sitting that much .....and find you bottom half just REALLY SWOLLEN?????

My legs are killing me ( i wore heels today at work) my ankles are swollen and yes this could be EDEMA due to my ED...but I think I am over that phase...I had a great deal of that in the beginning.

I justg was wondering because now I am laying down and propped my legs and feet on a pillow and my ankles feel like they are gonna EXPLODE and I get SPASMS.

Furthermore, it is kind of triggering because I look SO HUGE on the bottom half of my body and even my tummy?  Can this be real weight...I don't know...just need help

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i experienced the same thing, just that i dont wear heels. all i can say is eat almonds, plenty of them, they repair the damages in ur lower limb blood vessels, i got over the edema a few days ago on that:)

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