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Swollen Knuckles

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 I have an issue with swollen knuckles, mainly on my right hand. Only some fingers are affected at a time, and they tend to look purplish and crooked due to the swelling.  Occasionally my fingers ache, and I do have a habit of knuckle cracking which I am trying to break. My knuckles tend to be swollen primarily in the winter and they flare up after I have been out and gotten my hands cold.

I am only 18 years old so age related issues are not a factor. My diet is pesco-vegetarian, yet I am very careful to get a good variety of nutrients through legumes, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. I do not eat dairy or eggs, though I eat occasional fish, growing more occasional as I wish to become vegan (parents won't let me stop eating fish)

Has anyone experienced this as well, or do you have any ideas how to self treat, or whether I would need a prescription (preferred not... I like organic and only take meds if absolutely needed)  

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You should go to see your doctor.  Arthritis, for example, can happen at any age and is exacerbated by iron-deficiencies - a pretty common problem for vegetarians.  But you need a professional to take a look at you rather than trying to self-medicate or self-diagnose. 
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