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Why am I sweating at night?

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This has happened in the past when I've lowered my total calories for the day and now it happened again last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and my body was sweating - night shirt, pants, and sheets soaked through. It wasn't bad dreams or any other reason, I don't think. I think it has to do with my diet because I recall the same thing happening in the past when I was working on lowering my weight.

I'm 5'6" female currently at 145 pounds. I'm trying now to get down to 130 and stabalize there. I'm eating 1200-1500 calories a day and working out (step/high impact aerobics) about 35-40 minutes most weekdays. I've lowered my daily calorie intake for about a week now.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have any ideas how to help this?

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How old are you? Are you anywhere near an age where your mother had peri-menopause symptoms?

I've had night sweats since the birth of my first child--so I'm guessing they are tied to hormones, but since I'm not a doctor I don't really have a solid, factual answer for you.

Go get checked out by your doctor. She can give you accurate information about what may be causing this.

Are you sleeping next to my fiance? He RADIATES heat and I wake up gasping for air while he's out like a light.

Are you drinking enough water? Definitely speak to your doctor. 

Night sweats can be caused by certain medications, anxiety and other mood disorders, and menopause. If none of these fits you, mention it to your doctor next time you visit.
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It is one of the common symptoms of having a low blood sugar condition or hypoglycemia. This might not be the case but I would check with your doctor to have a blood test taken if it happens again. Best wishes. P.S. There is an excellent book on L.B.S. titled: "Eat to Beat Low Blood Sugar" by Martin & Maggie Budd. It covers all aspects with recipes included.
It could also be your body burning and your metabolism working overtime at night.  When I starting upping my calorie intake, my metabolism temporarily shot up for a while and I would go to bed shivering and wake up sweating profusely.
I don't know, but I used to have this happen back in my 30s, during the time I was running quite a bit and very heavy into weight lifting. I was told it's peri-menopause, but I'm 42 and still nowhere near menopause. So I don't know.

I would wake up with the bed absolutely drenched. And I mean DRENCHED.

Back when this was going on, they tested my thyroid and it was always fine (still is).

I was on no medication but .... yeah... I was later dx'ed with a mood disorder (bipolar). However, I'm still not quite convinced this was really the culprit... I dunno. Maybe. Hmmm.

The low blood sugar thing is quite interesting.

So I don't have much advice except you maybe should see a doc for a full work-up. But be prepared for the doc to dismiss it or have no explanation.
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I have 2 experiences similar to yours.  Have already gone through the menopause so knew that was not the problem but wrote things down till I found the answer.

 Till 3 weeks ago smoked just 3 cigarettes through the evening and was having something similar to hot flushes but it wasnt the same.  Through trial and error found the cigarettes constrict the blood flow in the vessels making it harder for the blood flow, therefore making you sweat, especially when laying down.

 Also took myself for a food intolerance test as when I ate bread I bloated up (also had IBS but undiagnosed).  You can guess, intolerant to wheat, OK with gluten and any other grain but the wheat was a major problem.  Have strongs felings of need for the wheat and rarely give in but when I do I am soaking wet all through the night and get little sleep.

 These may not be triggers for you but give it some thought.  Took me a very long time to figure it out.  Fine now but wouldn't want to go through it again. 

I gave up caffeine about 1 month ago and the night sweats went away!

And here is an old Calorie Count thread on the topic: /6517.html ;

Here is some info from the Mayo Clinic: 1042 

Jenmcc's comment actually made me curious. I too have often woken up in the middle of the night completely drenched. It definitely seems to happen in cycles. I have also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, though I am not currently taking any medication for it. I wonder if it is at all related to brain chemistry. I am in my mid-twenties so I seriously doubt I am going through peri-menopause.

Are there any other folks out there with mood disorders that have also experienced this?
I also have this happen to me (and I'm also diagnosed with bipolar disorder).  However, it only ever happens after I overeat or binge and go to bed right after.  I suppose it's just related to my metabolism working overtime trying to process all the food I've just ingested, since normally I eat between 1200-1500 calories a day.

I am also bipolar and on meds and the same thing happens to me! i`m 41. it especially happens before my period..but my dr said it`s not menopause..weird.



This has been happening to me the last 6 months or so.  I get so drenched that I have an extra set of t-shirts and shorts next to the bed....I also sleep in the spare room so I can move to a dry side of the bed [plus my husband snores like a freight train!!].

Am 41, and went back on the pill about a year back due to bad periods.  That got sorted but 6 months later the sweats started.  Spoke to my doc about it last month...she was a little concerned because even if I am perimenopause, the pill should sort that out.  She changed my pill and it has not been as bad this month as the previous ones.  Still not gone but better. Only started dieting & exercise late I know its not that.

Today I read somewhere [did I mention my memory is going well as my knees, eyesight ect..sense of humor I am clinging to!!:-)] that 2 tlb spoons flax seed  in the morning, and two in the evening are supposed to be really good for night sweats!  So am going to try it!

firefly, i went through the same thing when i was right around 30-32 (not just night sweats, but crazy sweating during the day, too).  i'm 39 now and it almost never happens anymore (sometimes--not every month--for one night just before my period).  i'm not menopausal and have never been on the pill. 

some of my friends have had the same experience right around the same age (30ish).

hormones are weird.  it's a pain, but don't worry.

Hi, I have not been on here for a long time.  I'm type 2 diabetic and before I got my blood sugar under control I would do that at night really bad. 

       &nb sp;        Pat

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Are you in perimenopause? I've woken up drenched for a couple years now, and inching toward an early menopause at almost 43.  I didn't mind when it was once in a while, but when it became nightly I knew I had to do something.   Taking an otc like remifemin seems to help me.  If they become frequent you may want to talk to your doctor. 

If it happened before when you lowered your calories then it most likely is from  low blood sugar. We can't really diagnose for you, though. Maybe you shoud  see a doctor.

It's just not normal, whatever the cause.

Good luck!

I have been drinking a glass of soy milk nightly about an hour before bed & it seems to help keep the night sweats away, dont know why, but it does.
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