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If you are like me then you have probably heard "make sure you are drinking enough water" time and time again.  To be honest, I hate drinking water.  I always have.  I could drink Gatorade all day long.  But water, yuck.

With so many people stressing the importance of drinking water, I decided to do some research on the benefits to drinking water.  The results may surprise you.

Benefit #1:  You can actually get fatter when you do not consume adequate amounts of water.

How this works:  Water contributes to energy storage by being stored alongside glycogen.  If you are not drinking enough water to facilitate this, extra glucose remains in your bloodstream until it reaches your liver.  The extra glucose is then stored as fat.

Benefit #2:  More efficient at delivering oxygen to your brain and muscles.

How this works:  Our vital fluid blood is made up of 90% water.  Our blood is responsible for transporting nutrients and energy to working muscles and then transporting metabolic waste away from tissues.  When we have a reduction in water our blood becomes more concentrated.  If you lose 5% body water then you lose 10% of the water in your blood.  You become more susceptible to clotting.  It also becomes harder to transport substances to and from the various tissues.

Benefit #3:  Drinking 5 glasses of water a day can lower the risk of deadly heart disease.

How this works:  Researchers at Loma Linda University said that people who drank five eight-ounce glasses of water daily were about half as likely to die of coronary heart disease as those who drank two glasses or less.  Drinking water has as much a benefit to heart health "as stopping smoking or lowering cholesterol," said Dr. Jacqueline Chantudy's lead author.

The study (which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology) did not specifically explain how increased water drinking might lower the risk of heart disease.  But it did note that dehydration could elevate risk factors such as blood viscosity.


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If you're not fond of drinking water, you can modify it with minor changes.  

  • slice some citrus into it
  • slice some ginger root into it
  • set it out in the sun with mint leaves
  • cucumber slices can improve the flavor
  • make herbal tea
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